October 16, 2020

Allowing Redo and Retake of Assignments to Nurture Learning.


Allowing redo and retake of assignments to nurture learning

As teachers, one of our duties is to make sure that our students are learning and processing enough information. A way of assessing this is by giving them occasional assignments and expecting submissions as per instructions. Assignments and Projects come with a set of guidelines that not only students but even teachers need to keep in mind. We feel it is time to accept that redo of assignments is the right way to go about submissions.

We want to promote a culture of "do-overs" that inspires students to not only make more efforts but also get motivated to do better. Let us understand that we as teachers can never know the perfect time to assess each student's proficiency. In this case, it becomes important to give them more than one chance. We want you to be fully convinced and so here are a few reasons that will help you understand why "do-overs" are the right way to go about teaching.

Not every student has the Same Speed while Working

While we as teachers may have some obligation with respect to grading and assignments, not every student can work at the same pace.  Expecting each student to do work within a given time limit is not feasible. It may happen that the student under the pressure of the deadline submits the project and does not meet his full potential. Understand that the brain works in different ways and till the time the student is delivering, it is okay to leverage extra time to them.

Give them a Glimpse of the Real World

No one better than you knows that the real world is all about learning from mistakes and getting second chances. Students need to understand that no one gets it right in the first go. Be it work or personal life, learning, and understanding are much more valuable than doing projects perfectly. Give them a chance to analyze what went wrong and what went well. Then, let them redo the assignment and meet all the criteria they could not complete in the first attempt.

Keep in mind their Personal Lives

Without a doubt, assignments need a student's full focus and attention. We never know what a student may be dealing with or struggling with. Make sure you realize that you are just a part of the student's life and he may be facing some challenges personally. In this case, understand the problem, decide if it is genuine and give him a chance to work when he is in a better headspace.

Focus more on Hands-On Learning

Do not just make submission of assignments a criterion to grade students. More than focusing on how many retakes a student takes, make the process easier for both you and the students. Do this by paying attention to class participation, enthusiasm to take initiative, and other activities that may require fieldwork and practical use of knowledge.

Give them a chance to Learn from Mistakes and Do Better

The primary duty of the teacher is to let students make mistakes and then learn on their own. If you do not allow redo of assignments, how will students change for the better? We are not telling you to be so liberal that students start taking this opportunity for granted, but, we also do not want them to develop a mindset where they feel the pressure of getting everything right on the first try.

We need to respect each individual student's development and give them a second chance to reflect on their mistakes. While we understand that you cannot function accordingly to each student's needs, what you can do is be a good listener and believe in multiple chances. Needless to say, do not let students make this a habit. However, consider giving them a free pass each time their reason to not deliver sounds genuine.

Have you ever allowed your student to redo an assignment? Have you, as a student ever requested to redo a project? Let us dive deeper into this topic and understand better about what your take on the same is. Write your experience to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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