November 6, 2020

How can the Teachers Manage Work Load and Stress in a Better Manner?


How can teachers manage work load and stress together

Being in the teaching industry, no one better than you understands that stress in this profession is inevitable. In fact, by the end of your school day, you have probably made an insane amount of decisions and have indulged in even a crazier amount of multi-tasking! Be it back to back lessons, way too many papers to grade, numerous report cards to generate, or even the standard routine; you are just human, and handling all of this single-handedly can sometimes get to you.

We know teaching is your profession and you love the work that you do. In order to succeed, struggling and working hard is an unsaid rule. What actually matters is how you deal with actions that trigger you and increase your stress. We have collated some of the best tips and techniques that are used by teachers to de-stress and relax. If you decide to follow them with consistency and commitment, we promise you will love your profession even more than you already do!

Ask for help

Work Smarter, not Harder

It is very often that we confuse the feeling of exhaustion with stress. Make sure that you know when to put a stop to working and push yourself to take small breaks. Instead of giving too much time to work, try to focus more on quality than quantity. Lessen down the number of hours that you work for and increase your productivity accordingly. Try to play smart by delegating some tasks and using tools that will make you accomplish your goals faster.

Ask for Help

Do not hesitate to ask someone to give you a hand with your tasks when you think that you have too much on your plate. You may feel like it is your sole duty to complete all the goals that you have set, but understand that nothing is more important than your health. If you are struggling to meet deadlines and the workload is too much, call over a friend or get your family to help you with small doable tasks.

Ask for help

Be Open to Acceptance

We are sure this is easier said than done. Be it your students, fellow teachers, or anyone who you interact with; understand that it is okay to have opinion clashes and to not agree on the same decisions. Instead of wasting your energy on something that you cannot control, understand that you can utilize this time to do something that you can control.

Most importantly, learn to accept your mistakes. Once you have made a mistake, you cannot undo it, but what you can do is be better prepared for the future. Practice self-talks and commit to learning from your mistakes, without allowing them to take a permanent place in your mind.

Think Positive and Embrace Stress

You might think that this is just a cliche and it never works in real life. However, your negativity can have more of an impact on your decisions and routine than you may think. If you feel you are in a challenging situation, try and find something positive to say about it. During such times, you can visualize situations you have handled well, and hold those memories in your mind.

There is no point in stressing out about the fact that you are stressed! Remind yourself that stress is only just a part of your life and this is just a phase that you will soon get out of.


Work-Life Balance

Amidst teaching and all the work, we often forget that we have a life outside our job too. Schedule your time thoughtfully so you can enjoy your non-work life with your family and friends. Make a timetable and periodically check on yourself and your progress. Instead of taking your work, home, and working through the weekend, extend your school day by showing up a little earlier and staying a little later.

Take Time Out for Exercise and Recreation

While we cannot tell you which mode of exercise is the most suitable for you, we can try and make you understand how important and essential it is. Skipping exercise for a day or two makes sense, but more than that might just lead to limiting your productivity. Be it skipping, walking, swimming, cycling, or running; make it a point to include any of these in your schedule.

Exercise and Recreation

Make a Connection

Sometimes, the easiest way to bust your stress is by calling a friend and just ranting about whatever is going on in life. In fact, even just taking a day off and going out for coffee can make you feel better. It is important to cultivate relationships with colleagues, neighbors, and friends as well.

Managing stress as a teacher is a personal journey and more than anything else, it requires your dedication and will to commit to these techniques. The best part is that they will not only make you feel better but also increase your work efficiency, making you better for not just you but also your students! While we can’t eliminate all our work-related stressors, this is our attempt to update you with a few strategies in order to better manage your day to day tasks.  

Stress Buster

Stress is a part of our life. How do you manage your stress? Are there days where the workload is just too much and you just sit there, wondering where to start from? Feel free to tell us your experience because sharing is also a way of reducing stress! Write to us at

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