October 13, 2020

How to Develop Leadership Skills in Students?


"Leaders are not born, they are made by hard work and passion."

It is important for individuals to have leadership qualities in order to thrive and succeed in today's times. However, the belief that the skill of leadership cannot be developed through practice is a myth. Some students may have more abilities than others, but this is the kind of quality that can be learned and nurtured over time. The key is to be consistent and constantly push students in the right direction.

Each child has the potential to develop leadership skills; it is possible that some students may need more time than others. We believe that the right steps at the right time can make all the difference. Here are a few ways that will help teachers in shaping their students as the leaders of tomorrow.

Goal Oriented

This skill is a self-driven objective by students. A student who takes part in every performance proactively would like to learn in different fields, master the orientation, or to avoid getting failure, which is something that marks his goal-oriented ethics. Such students tend to take charge of the given responsibility with merely any hesitation in it. skills like these help in embossing an in-depth leadership quality.

Set a Good Example

Set an example where students see you as their role model. It is only when they are inspired by your actions that they will follow in your footsteps. You need to show them the right balance between your personal and professional life. More than that, strive to teach them accountability and credibility through effective leadership of your own.

Conduct Team Activities

Be it sports, a school band or even class assignments; making students work in a group is a good idea. Give them turns to lead the group and take responsibility for making sure everything goes well. Let them delegate roles and set timelines for themselves. Make sure the groups keep shuffling so that they understand how it is like to work with different personalities of people.

Let them Pave their Own Path

Children will only learn when they make mistakes, take their own decisions and implement them in their own style. Do not interfere in how they want to carry something out and encourage them to be their unique individual selves. It is okay to keep regular checks and guide them. However, even if it takes more time than usual, let them experiment and come to conclusions on their own.

Promote Great Communication

Communication and Confidence go hand in hand. Give your students ample opportunities to communicate with you, one another and other teachers too. Make your class as participative as possible. If needed, encourage students to indulge in extra curricular activities where they will not only communicate with new people but will also get out of their comfort zone.

Decision Making

Students often become overwhelmed by too many options and we as teachers feel it is right to make it easier for them by taking decisions for them. However, the right way is to teach your students to make informed decisions independently. A good way to do this is by explaining to them the concept of weighing pros and cons of every situation.

Building of Character

Be it professional or personal, it is equally important to build relationships that will go a long way. A true leader is one who understands the foundation of trust, integrity, honesty and hard work. The students will only grow up to be respected leaders when their morals and values are clearly defined. 

The best part of inculcating this skill in students goes way beyond just academics. Leadership skills will not only help children to perform better at school but also develop better personal relationships throughout life. The right thing to do is see it this way – you, a teacher that students look up to are preparing the younger generations to become future business leaders of the world.

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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