November 2, 2020

My Mind Key - An Inspirational Story of a Teacher who Shaped Students through his Philosophy.


An Inspirational story of a teacher

"All our students are sleeping lions and our duty is to awaken them so that they can showcase their hidden potential, intelligence and talent."

This story is one of a kind. The journey is of Mr. Dilip Betkekar, a legendary teacher who has set out to change thousands of lives of students. He did not become a teacher by accident, it was a choice. It is his passion; more like a hobby than a profession.

Mr. Dilip has been in the education field for more than 40 years now, creating an impact and bringing about a positive change. Mr. Dilip teaches in colleges and conducts workshops for parents, teachers, and students.

He has also written a few books on the concept of learning, parenting, and teaching. In fact, his recent book "Let us Learn with Joy" is going through the printing process as you read this heartwarming write-up!

Working with so many students for years led to Mr. Dilip observing and realizing a basic problem that exists in our field of education.


"Everyone teaches students the subjects but, no one teaches them how to study and learn."

Learning is a lifelong process. Students do not enjoy learning and feel as if it is imposed on them. Clearly, they are tired of repeatedly being told to study. The need is to make them understand the Why, How and The True Meaning of education. Instead of constantly stuffing knowledge into their brain, we need to open their minds and give them a clear vision.

"Give me a fish, I will eat one day. Teach me fishing, I will eat every day." Through this quote, Mr. Dilip tries to explain that we need to make students self-reliant and independent. This can only happen if instead of just giving them ready-made textbooks and resources, we teach them the basic fundamentals.

Mr. Dilip set out to work on this problem by motivating students to learn and helping them to stand on their own. He wants to teach them the skills and techniques of learning that will take them a long way in the future. In other words, he has named this concept - Learn to Learn.


"The concept of Learn to Learn aims to motivate children and bring about attitudinal changes within them."

The aim of Learn To Learn is to arm and equip children with more methods of learning and make them confident.

Students are only aware of two methods of studies.  First, learning through notes and second, reading. However, these methods do not only have a lot of limitations but they are also not practical for the future.

Learn to Learn offers 8 effective learning methods and teaches students the art of studying that will give them pleasure and happiness.

Concept of Learn to Learn

"I feel that all professions are creations of the teachers."

The success Mantra that Mr. Dilip follows is unique and different. His source of inspiration comes from a variety of professors, legends, and role models. Literature by Vivekananda, Arvind Ghosh, Galileo, Albert Einstein, and some American Authors has always motivated him towards the path of success.

"I never teach people anything, I only create conditions in which people will learn themselves." The truth is, one person cannot teach another person. He feels that everyone should have the urge to study, a love for learning, and only then will they be able to fully gain knowledge.

Coming from a family of teachers, Mr. Dilip has always been inclined towards entering this field. Finally, there are also various teachers who have molded and shaped him throughout the course of his life.


"There is Opportunity in Adversity, it is all about how you decide to view it."

The times of the pandemic have turned out to be extremely positive for Mr. Dilip and his venture. He has taken this opportunity to reach students all across the world with the help of ample online platforms.

Moving on to the challenges that still exist in the field, a major problem is that matter and content is available in abundance and what is lacking is the right motivation.

According to Mr. Dilip, students face 2 basic difficulties. First, they cannot concentrate. Second, they cannot remember what is being taught. This is exactly the kind of problem that he has decided to solve and show students light at the end of the tunnel.

There needs to be a shift in paradigm. Currently, teachers are hyperactive and students are passive. We need to reach a stage where teachers are active and students are super active!

Reaching to Students

"When students study, they should get Joy. If they get Joy, they will automatically learn more."

The future plans for Mr. Dilip are simple. He wants to reach, inspire, and motivate as many students as he can all across the globe. Now that he has introduced the concept of Learn to Learn and has started his own academy - My Mind is Key, he is determined to prepare students for a bright future.

Going ahead, he has a few words of wisdom for all the students out there.

  1. Emphasize and again and again repeat the phrase "My Study." Accept study as your own and not something that has been imposed on you. Only when you own education, you will feel it is easy to learn and study.
  2. Bring about an attitudinal change in yourself.  Your attitude should consist of 3 factors - Winning, Positivity, and an Attitude of Gratitude. Once you learn these skills, there is nothing that can stop you from learning.
Conducting student workshops

To conclude, the mindset and hard work of Mr. Dilip has opened the minds of students to a world of new opportunities. His thinking is unique and the kind that is needed in todays times. Even though we can go on and on about his knowledge and the life lessons that he has taught, this is a summary of what he is doing to make the teaching industry a better place.

Winuall salutes such teachers, ones who keep their students in mind and make them their priority.  We are honored to have covered this story and it deserves to reach as many people as possible!

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