October 14, 2020

What are some traits that students remember most in their teachers?


What are some traits that students remember most in their teachers

"At the end of the day, most students won't remember how organised your bulletin boards were. What they will remember is, you."

Students look up to their teachers no matter what, no matter when. The relationship between a teacher and a student goes a long way, way beyond just academics. Teachers today are not only appreciated and respected for their teaching but also the bond that they end up creating with students.

There are a few traits that each student tries to find in his teacher. These traits not only make students look up to you but also help them in shaping their personality. When you are their role model, they try to build their personality similar to how you act and deal with situations. In this case, here are a few qualities that students remember in teachers even years after they have graduated.  

Enthusiastic about Teaching

No teacher is more memorable than one who is passionate about what he/she teaches. When students see that you love what you teach, they instantly gain interest too. We understand that sometimes it may get tiring to show up everyday and teach. However, if you can show students why the subject is important and why you took it up in the first place, their enthusiasm might level with yours!

Can create a Positive Learning Environment

Environment plays a huge role in the development of students. Your classroom should be free of judgements. It should be a place where students can confide with you and one another. Fights and arguments are natural and it is on you to solve them in the correct manner. One way to go about this is by opening up to students - when they see you trusting them, they might reciprocate the feeling.

Build Relations beyond Academics

Caring about students that extends beyond classroom observation and assignments is critical to a student-teacher relationship. Talking to them about their problems, interests, hobbies and caring about their cognitive needs is a way to build relations. Beyond classroom, make it a habit to have one on one sessions with them, ensuring comfort and openness. There may be times when the student is struggling academically, that is when these relations will come to use.

Take Time to Listen

Make sure you understand that even though you are in charge of the lectures, it is not just you who can take decisions and implement them. You need to make sure that the opinions of the students are taken into consideration and incorporated while implementing. Reach out to them if needed and give them the right comfort zone where they believe that you will understand them. A memorable teacher is one who listens to their points of views.

Supportive and Encouraging

No matter what age group, every student needs an occasional push. Even if the student is not doing well in academics, make sure you constantly remind them of their strengths and gradually move on to criticism. Be considerate enough to realise that students may be going through a hard time in their personal lives and so sometimes giving extra support is not wrong.

Fun but keeps High Expectations

Try and incorporate learning through different activities and hands on tasks. Every student loves a teacher who makes learning seem like fun. While you may be easy going and carefree, you need to maintain an appropriate balance. Teach your students that there is a time for everything; fun when you give them a break to relax and firm when it comes to assignments and submissions.

The fact that teachers know all their students personally is what matters at the end of the day. Believe it or not, teaching today is not just about professional but also a personal bond. Students expect you to guide and mentor them, show them what is right and wrong. While the responsibility may fall on you, we want to make the process easier; let your students know how much you mean to them not through words but through the power of actions!

We are sure there are a lot of students who have appreciated you throughout your teaching career or even ones who you are still in touch with. It would be a pleasure for us and others to get to know your story of a bond with any of your current or ex students, write to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com.

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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