October 25, 2020

Why should coaching institutes have an automated attendance system?


Why should coaching institutes have an automated attendance system ?

Attendance Systems have become an integral part of coaching institutes in the 21st Century. With the kind of roles and responsibilities, teachers have, maintaining daily records manually should not be added to their long list of to-do tasks. In fact, the manual process is very tedious and students might often try to manipulate their way out of it. We want to help you avoid any discrepancies.

Over years, there are software systems that have proved their functions worthy of handling attendance and generating accurate records. To maintain accountability and transparency with parents, it is important that you as a teacher make no mistake. Making sure the student is present in class and informing parents if he/she is absent is ultimately your responsibility. To make sure the process of attendance is conducted smoothly with no errors, an attendance system is 100% recommended.

Saves Time

Instead of manually marking the attendance of every student each day, an automated system is much faster. Apart from attendance, manually creating weekly/monthly reports can take up a lot of your time and hence, limit your productivity. The manual process is not only long but also cumbersome. You can save time by leaving everything to trusted softwares.

Notification to Parents

Parents appreciate being reminded of their students absentee. To avoid unnecessary problems, it becomes our duty to keep them updated. Instead of you contacting every parent yourself, you can save time by using softwares that automatically send notifications to parents. These notifications are designed in a manner that parents will be reminded daily.

User Friendly

These automated systems are easy to use and once you get a hang of it, you will never face any difficulty in managing or understanding how they work. You easily generate the reports in whichever way you want - day-wise, month-wise, and more. Getting daily, weekly & monthly attendance is easier and you will be able to configure the settings for every group as per your class requirements.

Reminders for you

You are only just human and with so much on your plate, marking attendance and generating reports may sometimes slip your mind. You can customize notifications according to what suits you and come up with a proper schedule that will help you be consistent. Daily notifications and reminders will ensure regularity and no silly errors.

Report Generation

Reports are created at the click of a button. Since parents deserve to be well aware and updated about the attendance of their kid, automated softwares can generate detailed reports in a timely fashion. Moreover, you can also access summaries, trend reports related to the attendance records. Instead of you sitting and creating a report for each student, this alternative is way better.

Accurate and Flexible

You are only just human and making errors is natural. Generating reports require a lot of calculations and you can never be sure. Instead, these softwares not only generate reports in real-time but are also completely error-free. The best part is that these automated systems are absolutely affordable and come with numerous features that we cannot perform manually.

Other Important Features

Get an attendance tracking system for schools, which will do much more than just keeping up with the work hours. The full benefits will change based on your school setting. But, there are a few features that are quite standard for daily activities. Admissions, portals, calendars, scheduling, report generation are some other holistic features that these softwares offer.

We know you want nothing more than to provide a responsible environment for your students. Moreover, if you prove your credibility to parents' time and again, they will be satisfied and happy too. In the end, you want your students to learn and that can only happen when their attendance in class is ensured. Instead of focusing on maintaining attendance records, why not give more time to modules, curriculums, and assignments for students?

Whether automated or not, having an attendance system in place is one of the essentials of running a coaching institute. What are your views on this topic? Do you already have an attendance system in place? If yes, which software would you recommend? If no, then are you still not convinced? Your opinion matters and we want to help you with any decision you may take. Write to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com.

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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