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Data management is tricky

Let AI do it for you automatically

Manage all the student and teacher data in a single place
Manage batches hassle-free with your LMS
Analyze the attendance data and communicate about the shortages

Managing all the finance is cumbersome

Do it with ease with our My Transactions Dashboard

See all the payments at a single place
Collect fees from cards, QR codes and cash
Analyze the data to understand the finances better

Assess your students' progress by conducting tests and assessments

Let your LMS take care of it

Create quizzes with your question bank automatically
Share assignment questions and set reminders
Analyze student performance with this lms tool

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Richa Awasthi
Winuall has helped in making it easier for me to take my classes with the multiple features that they offer. Taking live classes is simple, but other activities that a tutor does are at times time-consuming, Winuall made it easy by making things automated.
Study of Education
Winuall is the best LMS provider i came across, you guys are doing wonderful job. I am so happy to choose Winuall for taking live classes and selling courses.. their regular product updates really amaze me every time.
Sanket Agrawal
I’m a very happy customer with Winuall! It’s easy to use and saves a lot of my effort in terms of managing my courses as well as worksheets! Also, I love the fact that the team is particularly very active and responds quickly to my queries.

Frequently asked questions

How can I manage online teaching for school?

A school or institute has a number of responsibilities to take care of. Managing multiple courses, batches and a number of students isn’t easy. An LMS software helps in such a case as it automates all these operational works for you. Thus, making it easy for you to manage your school.

What are the things required to teach online?

Majorly one would require a good learning management system, a mobile/ laptop/ computer that supports the e-learning platform you choose, and a good internet connection.

Can I run an online class with 40+ students?

Yes. With our LMS software, you can run a class with even 100+ students. This depends on the Zoom license that you purchase. Although even with the basic one you can conduct a class for 40 minutes with 100 participants.

How many batches can I make?

You can make as many batches as you want. There is absolutely no limitation at that.

Will your LMS keep my content and learner data secure?

100%. Your privacy is important to us at Winuall. We respect the privacy of any information we may collect from you or your students across our LMS website.

What level of technical support will the LMS platform offer?

To begin with, the e-learning platform and the website from Winuall are designed keeping in mind that even someone who is new to the internet should be able to understand, navigate and use it effortlessly. However, even though this management software for schools is super easy to use, we make sure to give a training session to help each one understand every feature and benefits of it thoroughly.

How can we keep the parents informed?

The parent module in the LMS software helps you keep the parents in loop of everything you do. Connect with parents for a one-on-one session at any time, communicate about their child’s performance, share test results and payment reminders too.

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