December 10, 2021

10 Best Online Teaching Tools For Your Virtual Classroom


10 Best Online Teaching Tools for your Virtual Classroom

In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. 

-Mark Twain

Imparting knowledge is indeed needed in our society to make it healthy. When the world is changing rapidly, it might be bolshie to spread proper education to each child. According to the World Bank data, school enrollments set down to 101.715 in 2019 from 103.888 in 2017. Hundreds of thousands of students have turned their lives around daily earnings, dropping off from schools. Isn’t it alarming? What do you think about it? In Sanskrit, it is remarkable that “Shiksha Ek mahadan hai.” Then, why are more of the children deficient with fundamental education rights? Don’t you think online teaching tools could have changed the data?

Immediately after the pandemic thwack, numerous schools and institutions changed their teaching mode to virtual classroom studies. Albeit, there were far too many strugglings in conveying the best education to students. But with time, everything pretended to be achievable with ease. Teachers and Students both combinedly faced the same problems. And so, Winuall decided to give you a guide to the best online teaching tools for teachers and learning tools for students. Keep reading to find the best.

Which tools are best for online teaching?

  1. Online Whiteboard Tool
  2. Evernote
  3. Quizizz
  4. Bamboozle
  5. Quill
  6. Powertalk
  7. Show My Homework
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. Gapminder
  10. Canva

1] Online Whiteboard Tool - Among the only online teaching tools to make your learning fun

Graphs, Mind maps, Flowcharts, Infographics, everything can be tough to handle. But since these are a valuable addition to every study material, this can’t be neglected. What if we bring you a tool that can enable you to draw, collaborate and teach easily through colours and pictures, maps, and infographics? No, you don’t need to worry about it. It will take care of everything you need. Students can make notes easily and memorize everything they read with a fun activity. Interesting? This is the best online teaching tool you need in your virtual classroom. Click here to add this to the list. 

Online Whiteboard Tool

2] Evernote - The Easiest Notes Arranger for your virtual classroom

There are too many tasks, and notes we all need to arrange. Sometimes, it is hard to find old notes or a particular file. It can consume lots of time, leading to lesser productivity. Tasks make us better, and one should never miss being proactive with teaching and learning. There is a highly recommended virtual classroom tool from our side - Evernote. It will arrange all your notes in one place. Put a task and complete it only when you have done it. Click here.

3] Quizizz -  Make Quiz time fun oriented

Quizizz- Make quiz time fun oriented.

Practice makes us compete with each other. And so, the Quizizz application is all about creating on-spot quizzes and assigning anyone within seconds. It is one of the best online teaching tools for performance checking with ease.

There is asynchronous communication followed which means no phone calls and disturbances. Find it here.

4] Bamboozle - Online Tests for everyone

Presumingly, games can help you learn hundreds of words, solve your geometry, and grasp mental ability. Would you believe it? However, that’s true. Kids can learn hundreds and thousands of things from quizzes on Bamboozle. It is interesting, and thousands of teachers have made quizzes here. Play your first learning game here

5] Quill - The Grammar Improver

Quill arranges practical English lessons for you. You can check your grammar, write essays and improve your writing here. For example, if we type any sentence, it will show us the errors and ways to correct them. Teachers can independently discuss English topics and engage with their students on Quill. It also displays the analytical reports and works wonders there too. It works as a faster approach to making your English better. Find this free online tool here to upgrade your learning.

6] Powertalk - Let your online class speak through

Convert our PowerPoint slides easily into voice-assistant slides. There is an automated speech option that is easily accessible. It is a free online tool for reading your texts from slides. Find it here

7] Show My Homework - Easiest Way to give homework online

Teachers can quickly assign and check homework for their students. We can easily prioritize the homework and do it easily in one go. It is a free online tool that can help administer, monitor, and manage homework from students and teachers. Find it here.

8] Project Gutenberg - Online tool for exploring old books Library

When there is some old and unavailable literature or book, go on Project Gutenberg. There are hundreds of books available on it which are free to download and can be accessed easily. It can work as an online library for your virtual classroom. Find it here.

9] Gapminder - Online teaching tools to help Memorize in seconds

Some factual data is pretty tough to memorize, for example- UN policies, Global warming, and Suicide Trends. With Gapminder, you can learn anywhere, anytime, without a hitch. Improve your fact learning with Gapminder through animated videos. It is an encyclopedia which is a must for your virtual library. Find it here.

10] Canva - Your online project Buddy

Last but not least. Canva is a free online tool that produces posters, announcements, social media posters, and projects. It has hundreds of animations, pictures, and elements that make presenting and teaching easier. Projects can be demanding if not made on an appropriate platform. Canva can be our project buddy. Find it here.

Conclusion to top online teaching tools:

Education is not only grabbing marks and performing well in tests but the process of learning, implementing, and analyzing things. With the standard of education, there is personal development, morals, value, and vision in particular. It is like a deep sea that must be explored through enriched diving. With the fact that everything is available on the internet, everyone can learn and teach anywhere. We hope that you find the best online tools guide. There are a lot more that can be informative and easy to use. 

Let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Author: Mahima Sharma

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