March 12, 2022

3 Tips To Secure More Admissions At One Go!


The admission season is around the corner! March officially marks the end of an academic year, and thereby the beginning of the next admission period. It's quite a challenging time for institutions as along with the added process work, they have to focus on acquiring new admissions and retaining the old ones. There are multiple steps that any institution must take, with both offline and online classes for this. Some of which are - effective marketing and building an efficacious website. But when it comes to sealing the deal, what matters most is their art of communication. In the end, it all narrows down to how well you can verbally convince prospective clients. For it’s truly said, communication is key! 

Admissions process

If you ever wondered, how can I attract more admissions? or what is the most important factor in admissions? Here is an article for you. 3 steps to help you secure more admissions:

  1. Understand student psyche
  2. Capture the interest of parents and students
  3. Closing the deal

1. Understand student psyche   

When a student first comes to an institute be it in-person or via the e-platform (incase of online classes), they are mostly just exploring and hence open to ideas and to be molded. Therefore, interacting and counseling them at this stage is requisite. Most of them are even uncertain about what course they would want to choose. Hence, one must start with casual interaction, trying to understand their interests, likes, marks so far, etc. And once you understand their forte, explain it to them too, and then suggest what courses (amongst those that you offer) would be best suited for them. 

Tip: Remember to include the parents in these sessions about their child's strengths too.

And in the case of students who are sure of their career path, half your work is already done. You can now move to the next step which is apprising students all about your institute, and how it is a befitting one for them. 

2. Capture the interest of parents and students 

Once they share the same vision as yours and are sure which direction they want to move in. You can take it to the next step of convincing them about how choosing your institute would be a good choice. This should include telling them/ their parents about all that you offer and everything that they would be benefited from via this deal. For instance:

  • The highly qualified faculty members (this is vital in both the case of offline and online teaching)
  • Incase of online tutoring, do not miss out on showing them all the new and accommodating features that you use inorder to make the classes more captivating and beneficial. (Example: a content store, to easily purchase recordings and e-books) 
  • Alumni stories and achievements are always a good idea.
  • Be articulate and sure of what you speak. You have to know every dot and dash and be sure of the same. Remember that you are the face of the institute that they have come to judge. 
  • Be ready to answer all the “what-ifs” and other questions, and mind you there will be quite a few!    

Tip: Remember to always assure them that it's all about them, their benefits, bright future, and betterment!

3. Closing the deal 

So far, you have to be extremely patient with them and not push them to make a decision right then. However, once you think you have got them to the point where they would be ready to take the leap with some guidance from your end, do not hesitate to nudge. This could be via the virtue of the unique courses that you alone provide. With the reminders of the offers you have like installments, etc., or perhaps the limited-time discounts. And maybe access to some special content/ courses/ quizzes that you will offer on your App!

And in case they need time to think it over, do not miss out on timely follow-ups and reminders about both the services and discounts. Make sure you have a team ready for the task. 

If you are an online tutor another important factor for you would be an effective app where you can teach and help your students learn with ease. Juggling from one class to another, last-minute changes, glitches, and missing out on attendance due to the lack of live class attendance features are problems that students too are tired of. Hence make sure to have a well updated App to and propagate the same to your target audience.

We wish you great luck for the upcoming admissions seasons and may your coaching and your students grow manifold!

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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