March 22, 2022

5 Important Tips to Qualify For TET


5 Important tips to Qualify for TET

Exams are a pressure always, be it during school, college, or when you are working on being a teacher yourself. But as per the regulations set by the Indian govt. a teacher must qualify for the teacher entrance exam, namely the teacher eligibility test (TET), in order to become a teacher. And though the requirements differ for different posts, the basic of 12th-grade degree with a min. of 45-50% and a B.ed degree is a must, to be public, or govt. school, or an offline or online tutor. Though India has a list of varied teacher’s entrance tests, the most common is the TET, which is conducted by both state and central govt.

However, one surely deals with questions like "how do I start preparing for TET?", and "is it easy to pass TET exam?" And this leads us to the topic of the hour, that is, a few important tips and tricks that can help you qualify for the TET.

  1. Know the exam
  2. Know you syllabus
  3. Refer to standard books
  4. Practice with mock papers
  5. Brush-up on current affairs

1. Know the exam 

To begin with, make sure you know your exam right, meaning, have questions like, what the syllabus is, what the pattern would be, how much time you have in hand, total marks, whether or not there are negative markings, etc. answered for yourself. For this would help you be more focused and study in the right direction. For instance, incase of MCQ, you have to focus and remember details rather than getting just a gist of it.    

Additional info: TET is 2.5 hours, MCQ-based, online exam, with 150 questions and no negative marking. And the process to apply for the same is via the official state/ central website. And while you can attempt multiple times, the qualifying percentage is 60%. 

2. Know your syllabus 

Preparation for TET should include having proper knowledge of what all sections would be included in the exam. Going in blind shouldn’t be an option. Additionally, knowing the sections will help you save some time, as you wouldn’t end up studying for more than what is in the syllabus. This also helps you study section-wise.

Teacher entrance test (tet)

Child Development and pedagogy include educational psychology and learning relevant to the 6-11years age group. And languages include English and the regional language in case of state and Hindi in case of Central. Head to the respective websites to know more. 

3. Refer to standard books

Your study material plays a vital role in you being able to crack the exam successfully. If you study the wrong material or rules that aren’t applicable anymore, it would undoubtedly have a direct effect on your performance. 

Hence, one important tip would be to refer to standard books and make effective notes that you can go back to periodically. Another pointer to keep in mind would be to not add new books to the table at the last minute, for this would only further complicate things for you.

The official websites like KARTET (Karnataka TET) provide you with a key of suggested books that can help you prepare for the test.

4. Practice with mock papers  

The official website gives you a collection of some previous year's question papers, which you could use as mock papers to refer, learn and practice from. These give you a good idea of how the paper would be and if you are lucky you might even get the same questions in your test. Lastly, let’s not forget that practice makes perfect! 

Go to the official website for your state tet and search for previous papers. And in the case of CTET, you would find the paper links on the home page itself.  

5. Brush-up on Current Affairs

When attempting an aptitude test or any competitive exam, one of the aspects that you need to focus on, and keep up with is current affairs. Know what's happening in your state, country, and around the world, in the mediums of changing laws, politics, the entertainment industry, and more.  

Finally, we are sure you know, not to be so engrossed in your studies that you end up neglecting your health. Your health should always be your priority. Timely breaks, a balanced diet, walks, exercise, and some meditation from time to time can help you stay both physically and mentally fit. Be sure to stay relaxed, calm, and composed. Do spend a few focused hours daily but don’t over-pressure or over-work yourself, believe in yourself, and just give your best. 

And another tip would be to make yourself a little technoid, for with the world inching towards the e-platforms, this would surely come in handy.    

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