February 12, 2022

5 Major Myths of Online Learning


Since the covid 19 broke-out online learning/ teaching has become the new normal, for it’s a lot more accessible, flexible, and convenient. It has helped greatly as this mode made sure that education isn’t uprooted. And though it is quite different from the traditional method this sure is a timely and favorable substitute.

 Myths of online learning

However, like everything else, this too has got quite mixed feedback to it. And among those are also a few myths and misconceptions. For instance, the notion that online teaching only came into existence due to the pandemic. This, as said before, is only a myth, for online learning is something that has been around and known for quite some time. It sure did popularize even more at this time but the many already existing online teaching software are a validation of its existence.        

Here are 5 major myths about online teaching:

  1. You have to teach yourself
  2. It's a one-sided lecture
  3. There is no interaction with classmates or teacher
  4. This is a temporary arrangement
  5. An online degree has no value

1. You have to teach yourself 

Most students have this misconception that since online classes are far from the traditional setting, there also is a massive difference in the interaction and teaching methods. They think that there wouldn’t be any interaction or proper guidance from the teachers, and hence, they will have to end up teaching themselves the whole course.

2. It is a one-sided lecture

As discussed in the previous point, most students think that they wouldn’t really get any chance to speak. That they would be put up on mute and the teacher would come, talk about the topic and leave. 

However, this isn’t true for you are very much welcome to ask questions, clear your doubts, and more. Sure it depends on teacher to teacher (and that’s a topic for another day) but most of them keep a Q&A session in the end or others just allow you to ask midst the lecture. And you can do so by either putting up your question in the chatbox or taping on the raise hand option that most online teaching apps have.    

3. There is no interaction with classmates or teacher

This again is a myth for interaction and bonds are not subject to the setting you are in. Sure the interaction is easier in a traditional setting, but it isn’t impossible in such a case as well. You can still make strong friends and bonds that last. 

And as for the interaction with the teacher, that again is something that depends on how well your professor can engage you. Ways like game-based learning, gamification, debate sessions, etc can very well be conducted here too and would make the class more fun and engaging. 

4. This is a temporary arrangement

Contrary to popular belief this is actually untrue. As said earlier online learning was something that was in existence before the pandemic and will stay even after. This has proven to be an effective way to help students from all over to get access to quality education. Moreover, most foreign countries already recognize it and after the Indian budget ’22, being announced recently which included plans to encourage and expand online teaching and online coaching software, it has only further proved that this is anything but temporary.

5. An online degree has no value 

When it was new and unpopular then maybe employers and others would have been skeptical about it. But now it is something that is usual and common, and in fact, considered smart as it saves time and gives the opportunity to multi-task. Meaning, that many do internships while studying online as they have a little extra time in hand. And thence being something that will surely help them in the long run. 

And sure that it's new, different, and might even be a little inconvenient at times but it definitely isn’t blighting. The extraordinary times and situations that we are dealing with a call for these bold and radical solutions. And some might even say that this is in fact the silver lining to the education industry. In short, it's not an unpleasant change in the slightest. And online teaching platforms like Winuall make it, easier by helping you get access to your preferred teacher's live and recorded sessions. And to answer the most common question, "is online education really effective?" we would say that an effective online teaching platform and a well-trained educator are what truly make it effective.

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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