September 25, 2021

5 Top Career Aptitude Tests to determine your future


5 Career Aptitude Tests to determine your future

There are a number of free career aptitude tests for students that can be in use. It’s a fun way to know more about you. It gives an opportunity to try and introspect. If taken seriously, the career aptitude tests intended for students can assist you determine the career that suits you best and guides you to your dream college. As it considers your traits, skills, hobbies, and interests, the consequences will disclose insights about yourself that you most likely didn’t know before.

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

It is the most popular and widely-used test utilized by high school guidance counselors. Even the casual online quizzes that you and your friends go on to each other rely on the MBTI structure.

2. Holland Code Career Aptitude Test

Based on John Holland’s Theory of career choice, this test checks your interest in six areas.

●  Realistic –electrical, mechanical, construction, working outdoors

●  Investigative experimentation, – research, problem-solving, thinking

●  Artistic – art, design, crafts, self-expression

●  Social – teaching, medical care, counseling

●  Enterprising – sale, leadership, politics, persuasion

●      Conventional – recording, categorizing, organizing

3. Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) Career Aptitude Test

This is a convincing test particularly designed with students in mind. Since its beginning, more than 8 million people around the world have taken the test. These takers are students like you who are required help in choosing which college course to apply for.

4. The Princeton Review Career Quiz

This 24-item career test for teens that will certainly pique your curiosity as it is intended especially for incoming college freshmen. It checks your interests, motivation, stress management, and interpersonal behavior. Its key indicators are your wants and needs. On the basis of your answers, you’ll be sorted into any of the following categories:

●      Red: Production-centered

●      Green: People-centered

●      Blue: Idea-centered

●      Yellow: Procedure-centered

The results will tell you the areas you are most interested in and the suggested careers for you.

5. The Personal Values Assessment

This is a career test for teens monitored by Barrett Values Centre. They center on the following areas to identify overall individual values:

●      Who are you

●      What you hold dear

●      What underlies your decisions

●      What upsets you

The main benefits of this test are-

 Self-knowledge. Through this assessment, you will be more aware of who you are, and what your motivations are.

Self-development. You will be able to realize how your values influence your decisions so you can better improve yourself.

Over the years, these career aptitude tests have been utilized by millions of users across the world. So, whether you are a high school student, college student or an experienced professional, you will find the finest results through these tests. So, go take these tests and choose a career path that will increase your chances of being successful!

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