April 21, 2022

7 Popular Books to Read for Teachers

The more that you read, the more that you will know, the more that you learn, the more places that you’ll go! -Dr. Seuss

7 popular books to read for teachers

Why should teachers read books?

Undeniably reading is an excellent way to broaden one’s mind and help them know, feel, and understand better. It helps one constantly update their thoughts and ideologies and see in more aspects than one, for no matter which stage of life we are in, each one would always be a lifelong learner. And good teachers are those who are continually on the lookout for ways to develop skills and understanding. Hence reading is a sublime hobby/ activity that one can and should adapt in their lives. These help you teach and inspire better. And while teaching online, these skills are even more vital as the lack of direct connection can sometimes hinder your ability to have a strong influence.

And as teachers, there are a few good books that can surely help you teach and inspire better. So if you ever thought, what should I read? Here's a list which we would recommend for every teacher as impactful books to read!

What are books every teacher should read?

To answer this, and give you a few valuable suggestions, here is a short list of books to read:

  1. Teach like your hair's on fire
  2. The first year
  3. Teaching outside the box
  4. Today I made a difference
  5. Grown-up digital
  6. Quiet
  7. The box whisperer

1. Teach like your hair’s on fire – the methods and madness inside room 56

by Rafe Esquith

Some books every teacher should read

The book reveals various techniques, exercises, and innovations that made him the most acclaimed educator, one whom the New York Times refers to as “a genius and a saint”. This “educational icon” has come up with a revelatory program for educating today’s youth which both teachers and parents can apply.  

2. The first year – how to survive and thrive as a new teacher

by Katherine Whitaker and Todd Whitaker

books to read

Just as the name suggests this is a guide for all those interested in entering the world of teaching. It includes a series of challenges that new teachers face and how to avoid the same. This set of advice and inspirations come from renowned teachers themselves, hence, making them even more apt.

3. Teaching outside the box – how to grab your students by their brains

by LouAnne Johnson

how to teach better

The teacher-turned-author shares her effective methods to improve classroom management, engage students and advance critical thinking in them. And there is no denying that these are important factors in order to help students better.  

4. Today I made a difference

by Joseph W. Underwood

Some books for teachers

These are a collection of stories by top educators of America sharing their insights and experiences. It’s a celebration of teachers’ work, who make a difference in a student’s life each day. And inspiration and motivation to others in the same field, for who can understand and inspire an educator better than another one?!

5. Grown up digital

by Don Tapscott

books for teachers to read

The world is getting increasingly digitized, and the newer generation is a lot more technology-driven and proficient than we are. The book speaks about the upcoming generation and their skills, how they learn and work, and about the newest trends and activities of the next generation.

So, especially if you are someone who is considering teaching online, this book might be of help!  

6. Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

by Susan Cain

Books every teacher must read

A teacher comes in contact with many kinds of students, and it’s no surprise that at least half the students in a class would be introverts. The book talks about how the skills of introverts are underestimated and undervalued, and how the present education system is designed around extroverts. Hence, as a teacher, this might help you understand those students better and be more considerate. Thus, as per us, it's surely one of the books every teacher should read! 

7. The box whisperer - awakening the inner reader in every child

by Donalyn Miller

must read books for every teacher

Reading and encouraging others to read are both very important, and this book helps you help children learn to love reading. This inspirational book touches the inner reader in a student and naturally inclines them to develop a habit of reading. Hence, in the end, we recommend you to read and recommend this book to your students too.

What books do teachers like to read?

Another important factor to consider is ofcourse, what books you as a teacher like. For if you don't truly enjoy it you might not benefit from it at all. Hence, one must keep reading and try to find out what their favorite genre is. And read more of what enthralls you, and learn all that you can from it. Our only suggestion would be to engage yourself with educative books just as much as you would indulge in fiction.  

Conclusion to books to read

We have already discussed how reading broadens one’s mind, but it is also stated that reading reduces stress by 68%. This should further encourage you to read more and have your students read more as well.

And incase you are an online tutor or want to become an online tutor, online teaching apps like Winuall help you by providing a SaaS online teaching platform, wherein you cannot only take live classes and connect with your students, but with features like the content library you can share with them links and documents of blogs/ article and books that you would want them to read. And hence, be it teaching online or offline you can and must keep encouraging your students to read more!

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