April 12, 2021

Another lockdown for educational institutions ?


Due to another sharp spike in the number of Covid 19 cases, the Delhi Government has decided on shutting down colleges and coaching centres all over again. And also the remaining exams for classes 9 and 11 in Delhi Government schools have also been postponed with new dates to be announced soon.

The current Covid situation is again pushing us to stay indoors and it is also safe for us to stay indoors until the situations are normal once again. For students, who were attending classes offline have to continue their education online all over again. Though concentrating in online classes may be hard for many, but,  this is what the situation now demands from you. 

Online classes have been the savior for students as well as the teachers since the Global Pandemic started and the world came to a standstill with people all around the world being at their homes. Online classes were the reason because of which students could continue their education even through a pandemic. It was possible for students to complete their education, give examinations and get a degree only because  Online Education. So, a respectful bow to the people who made it possible. 

 Students during the first closure of schools and colleges on account of the pandemic  didn’t take online education seriously . But since the education institution gets shut all over again and students have to rely on online education mode, this time make proper use of these online classes. The only trick to focus on online classes like your regular classes is by treating online classes as your regular classes. Remember to note down the explanation by the teachers and pay attention  to the teacher. Make sure you have checked all your mail and the study materials provided to you by the teacher.

Take online classes from tutors in topics you find difficulty and make the best out of those classes you enroll into. Now, even the best coaching institutions are available online and conduct live and recorder classes and also provide you with study materials for your conveniences. 

Independent tutors and tutors from coaching institutes can also take their classes online now. If you are a tutor and don’t want to hamper your classes because of the shutting down of educational institutes, then take your classes online. You can teach your students at the comfort of your home and conduct regular classes for your batches of students without any hustle. If you think that this is going to be tricky then don’t worry you can choose Winuall as a platform for creating your courses at ease and conducting online classes. With Winuall you don’t have to be a pro in online teaching. Anyone can build their own course here and start taking classes. https://winuall.com/

So don’t panic, there are better days to come and always remember that we are in this together.

Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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