December 18, 2021

Assess your student’s performance using Winuall’s Quiz Portal


Conducting assessments is an integral part of any education system. They help in gauging a student’s performance and understanding areas of improvement. By identifying weak points earlier on, as a tutor, you can help suggest ways to overcome them. Digital classrooms are gaining popularity throughout the world. To assess students’ progress, it has now become a necessity to conduct quizzes online. 

How is Winuall helping you with this? 

With Winuall’s advanced Quiz portal, you can help students aim for the moon. You can track the progress of your students by conducting tests and quizzes online. Here is a complete list of all the newly launched features of our Quiz Portal which help you enhance your students’ skill and knowledge: 

  • Quiz creation on-the-go via mobile app 

Quiz creation is now possible with the mobile app. Visit the Manage Quiz section on your app. Click on the ‘+’ icon on the screen. Quiz creation can be done in three ways. First, you can auto-generate a quiz from the question bank. Second, you can create a quiz by adding each question manually. And third, you can create a quiz simply by uploading a word or an excel file. 

  • Quick Upload

Quizzes can be uploaded easily now in a convenient format using excel files. This saves a lot of formatting time and quizzes can be created in seconds. On the web, head to your quiz section. Start creating a quiz by adding details such as name of the quiz, duration of the quiz, etc. Now head to the “Upload File” section. Download the sample excel file and add your questions to the file. Upload the file and your quiz is ready.

  • Seamless student experience

Winuall provides a smooth student experience of attempting a quiz by providing an easy user-friendly interface. The experience emulates the behaviour of most popular national exams and helps students prepare better. 

  • Detailed quiz analysis for all

Detailed analysis was provided for students and teachers. As a teacher, you get a bird's eye view of how the entire batch has performed. You can delve deeper to see how students have performed for each question, identify questions that most people have gotten wrong, identify questions where students take maximum time. As a student, the analysis shows how a student has performed in the entire quiz, within a section and per question.

Checking and evaluating the performance of the students is an essential task and you can conduct these daily, weekly, and monthly as per the needs of the students. So, go and download the app now to avail these benefits for your students and create a fun interactive way of teaching students!

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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