May 6, 2022

Back to school checklist for Teachers


It’s that time of the year again where though you are still in the holiday mood, at the back of your head you are aware that it’s almost time for a new academic year. And while we know it’s not easy to get out of the holiday mood, we can also not forget that teachers have a no. of preparations to do before the school year starts. Surely, you have started to think of all the things you have to do and are stressing yourself. This is where a checklist for teachers comes in handy. It helps you get more organized and work in a lot more peace.

Checklists can best be described as assessment tools that set out specific criteria. It helps break complex tasks into more basic and doable bits, hence helping teachers to stay focused, complete the task at hand and assess their progress too.

Advantages of checklist for teachers

And while we are sure that checklists can help you with the task, let’s focus on knowing what is the right checklist for teachers and what are all the activities they should focus on before and at the beginning of an academic year. 

What is a checklist in teaching?

As a teacher one has quite a few tasks in their hands. These back-to-school tasks range from a few days before the school year begins, to tasks until the first few days. The detailed planning of these tasks can be divided into 3 checklists depending on their time of occurrence. These checklists can be answers to the 3 major questions that occur in a teacher’s mind, namely:

  1. How do teachers prepare for back to school?
  2. What teachers should say on the first day of school?
  3. What should a teacher do before teaching in the classroom?

1. How do teachers prepare for back to school?

A teacher has to make sure that everything is well organized for their upcoming class. Some of these things that you have to get in order are:

  • Plan a well-structured syllabus and well-organized timetable for your class.
  • Once you are sure of what’s to be taught, get your notes and teach-material ready. 
  • Gather and organize your classroom supplies and material. 
  • Make sure that the notes you want to share with your students are also ready (at least for the first 2 weeks)
  • Incase of online classes; make sure that you are well aware of the online coaching app that you have chosen. Explore and work on it a couple of times and be ready with it.
  • And lastly, inspire yourself and constantly work on upskilling yourself.

2. What teachers should say on the first day of school?

As the first day arrives, sure you would be prepared with all your notes, supplies, syllabus, and the study material for your students. However, all this has to take a step back, for the first day of school is all about introductions and orientation and nothing more. So here is a quick checklist for teachers to follow on the first day of school:

  • Introduce yourself in a fun way. Think of different ways that you can make your introduction captivating and out of the ordinary.
  • Have a relaxed conversation and get to know your students.
  • Discuss your rules and expectations from the class.
  • Inform them of the syllabus, and a brief of exams, assignments, and grades.
  • Most importantly, plan some fun, engaging yet mindful games that you can play with your students, and try to know more about them via the same.
  • Incase of online classes, don’t forget to tell them all about the features of the online coaching app you use so that it is easy for them to not only learn from it but to reach you through it too. 

3. What should a teacher do before teaching in the classroom?

Lastly, we come to the day-to-day norm of teaching. For this too you need to be well-prepared with a plan of action and of course a well-thought timetable to complete your portion. Here are a few pointers that you can follow:

  • Be sure of what you plan on teaching the following day, and make sure to see if your notes are factually correct. 
  • Next, make sure to have your notes around, and revise what you have to teach before the class. 
  • Make sure to also discuss the previous day’s homework problems before the day's class, such that nothing remains incomplete.
  • Don’t just jump to the topic; engage in small talk that you can connect to your lesson.
  • Let it be a two-way and not a one-sided lecture. Make it fun and interactive.
  • Give time for doubt-clearing.
  • Lastly, be sure to not teach until the last minute, give them and yourself time to relax.   

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