December 23, 2021

Blended Learning: The Future of Education System


Blended Learning - The Future of education system

Over the previous year, learning institutions globally have witnessed vast changes. Evidently, the pandemic has resulted in a change in the way educators teach. And while some changes may be short-term, others are not. Even though the concept of blended learning has been around for a while, its use has been very much highlighted in recent times. Hence, we here take a look at the types and various advantages of blended learning.

What is the Blended Learning approach?

Blended learning (aka, hybrid learning) is a technique of schooling that integrates digital media with typical instructor-led classroom activities. Thus giving students more choice to adapt their learning experiences.

Key reasons for opting for an online and offline mode of education

The process of imparting knowledge to the students should be interactive, and innovative. So that they learn various skills like learning, speaking, and listening. Though this is only possible when both the student and the educator are in the four walls of a physical classroom, learning together.

However, the online mode of education has become widely popular with the growth of digital technology in recent years. With the need for virtual communication during the pandemic, along with the emphasis on upskilling and reskilling, it can be said that the shift to online learning is very evident.

  • Flexibility and Affordability

Certainly, students and teachers have turned to online learning for its flexibility and affordability. Learning virtually allows the opportunity to pursue a course without the need for a physical campus. Adding to it, you can choose an online program that meets your professional needs at prices that suit you.

  • Regular Completion of Academic Work

Students are mentally prepared to sit appropriately, maintain discipline, and follow the teacher’s instructions in the offline classroom environment. Thus, they will complete the work regularly in the classroom.

  • Easier Concept Revision

The online mode of learning enables easier concept revision by dividing the course into modules. The educator can record and upload the sections of one unit at a time. And the students can easily watch these recordings as per their revision schedule.

  • Student-Teacher Interaction

Offline classes in School Campus are more beneficial as teachers and students are physically interacting with each other. In addition, teachers can check if students are writing or concentrating on the topic or not. As there is physical eye-to-eye contact, students’ minds will not be distracted by other activities.

  • Easier Accessibility to Quizzes and Tests

Online learning allows the students to take part in quizzes and tests which can be quite interesting. The educators also enjoy creating these, which in turn helps to make the process of learning efficient. 

What are the types of blended learning?

  • Station rotation
  • Lab rotation
  • Individual rotation
  • Flex learning
  • Enriched virtual learning
  • Online driver

These characterize just a few of the blended learning models accessible to educators. It’s promising to mix and match elements for creation of an environment that best suits the needs of the students and teachers alike. 

Advantages of blended learning

Now let’s explore some of the detailed advantages of blended training and learning for students and teachers. It’s important to bear in mind that diverse methods are indeed suitable for dissimilar students and their precise needs.

 a) Advantages for learners

  • Moving at individual pace of the student

Those who are well-known with the topic can work from side to side online material quicker. While those who are less confident can pause and re-watch the difficult or tricky parts. 

  • Availability of materials at all times

Whatever time a student works best at, they can log on and easily get access to the classes, and other materials in accordance with their needs. This is one of the best advantages of blended education.

  •   Preparation before class

When looking at blended learning for practical work, students can discover key themes and topics through online learning before face-to-face demos. This helps them gain some awareness of the material. Meaning, more time can be spent on motivating and engaging activities which in turn can enhance the learning quality.

  •  Improve retention

Several studies from the 2000s recommended that blended learning practices helped students to preserve more information. Although fresh studies are needed, it could prove to be advantageous. 

  •  Independent learning

With many blended learning models, students are given self-advocacy and the freedom to be creative with their studies. This can help to arrange them for additional education, as well as a place of work.

  • Introduction of new technologies

Blended learning gives scope for learners to experience new software and hardware. Furthermore, discovering how to use such technology prepares them for future endeavours.

b) Advantages for educators

  • Teaching across contexts

Educators can draw on a large range of resources to provide materials across varied contexts. For example, they could use lectures, tutorials, or even practical settings when teaching a specific topic.

  • Technology can facilitate different pedagogical approaches

Using blended learning can encourage vigorous learning. With the use of real-world instances, social learning, and the relevance of knowledge to fresh situations.

  • Set goals and track progress

Many blended learning tools also allow teachers and trainers to trail the routine of their students. This can give educators an improved insight into which methods are most effective as well as efficient.

  • Create a tailored approach

By creating online resources with a blended approach, educators can then focus on tailoring their face-to-face class as per their students.

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