March 24, 2022

Most Popular Courses for Teachers in India


Most Popular courses for teachers

Courses for teachers in India and around the rest of the world are specially designed considering that the educators indeed are to be skilled and educated themselves.

Certainly, teaching is a noble profession, that is highly valued and respected around the world. It’s one that plays a critical role in the general development of students, who are the future of the world, thence, they thereby result in the overall building and prosperity of the nation. Certainly, a good teacher is a role model to many. They hold the ability to make or break a student’s future with their attention, and attitude. 

And a profession so influential must be anchored by someone just as skilled. Hence, teachers are expected to have formal training and pass certain competitive exams before becoming professional teachers. These courses for teachers, train them effective teaching and class management skills. Further, it trains them to understand and deal with different students, with varied mindsets, psychologies, and ideologies. 

courses for teachers in India

What course should I take to become a teacher in India?

Here is a list of different courses for teachers in India, (incase of both offline and online teaching):

  1. Bachelor of Education
  2. Integrated Course  
  3. Masters of Education
  4. Diploma in Education
  5. Bachelors in Elementary Education
  6. Bachelors in Physical Education

1. Bachelor of Education

B.ed is the most known and opted for teaching training program in India. However, it's a post-graduation course, that can be done after the completion and acquisition of your, BA, BCom., or any other degree with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

Duration – 2years (was 1year earlier, but is now revised to being 2 years) 

2. Integrated Course 

B.Ed, as we already discussed, is a course that makes one eligible for the profession of teaching. Although, if you don’t want to complete your degree and then go for the specialization course of B.ed., the govt. of India has courses like B.Sc. B.Ed. integrated course, and BA B.Ed. integrated course, for you. 

This is a combination of your degree course and B.ed., that you can apply for after 12th grade (this too requires an aggregate of 50%).

Duration – 4years  

3. Masters of Education 

If you wish to learn more methods, techniques, and depths of teaching processes after having acquired your B.Ed. degree, you could do so by working on your master’s degree (M.Ed.). 

This is also a 2year course that requires a 50% aggregate from your B.Ed. degree.     

4. Diploma in Education  

This is a certificate-level course that helps one pursue a teaching career at a junior level. It’s a course that you can pursue after the 12th grade which spans between 1-3 years. A diploma often allows you to specialize in a certain field of teaching, unlike the B.Ed. where you learn more depth about the field.  

5. Bachelors in Elementary Education

As the name suggests, B.El.Ed. is a course, particularly for elementary teachers. Herein you learn and grow to be an elementary-level teacher. Elementary schooling is the base for students; therefore, the teachers need to be efficient enough to help them form a strong base. Hence, B.El.Ed. is a mixture of theoretical and practical exposure such that they learn in the best way possible.

This is a 4year course (with a combination of 3years of theory + 1year practical).   

6. Bachelors in Physical Education 

If you are someone who has an interest in physical activities, BPE can be a course for you. This undergraduate degree has quite a scope in the education industry to become a physical education instructor. One can enroll in this 3year course after completion of 12th grade.   

Some of the other Diploma Courses for Teachers in India are:

  • Nursery teacher training 
  • Primary teacher training 
  • Montessori course 
  • Diploma in physical education 
  • Basic training certificate

Additional Information: These are 2year courses for teachers in India that prepare you for lower-level training jobs.    

How can I become a professional teacher?

Once you are a graduate with one of these degrees, you still have to give the teacher entrance exam and along with that pass certificate (which is valid for life), you can apply to varied institutions or could take tuition at home, or perhaps, become an online tutor, with platforms like Winuall, who provide you with your own branded app, exposure, and many more facilities. 

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