December 24, 2021

Fixing Technical Glitches in a Meeting


Fixing technical glitches in a meeting

Video conferencing has become crucial for every industry in the last two years because of the pandemic. In this phase, we have familiarized ourselves with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or a solution from Microsoft. Nevertheless, numerous businesses, seminars, informal meetings, events encounter numerous problems. If you belong to the same group, then sticking around for this article will help you fixing technical glitches in virtual conference. 

What are the problems occur during video conferencing?

We must address the technical difficulties in virtual meetings before solving them. Following are the 6 most common glitches that one faces-

  • Audio quality is not up to scratch
  • Unreliable Internet Connections
  • Problems with lighting equipment
  • Low-quality video conferencing 
  • Tough app-configurations
  • System and functionality issues

Fixing technical glitches can be tough but with the following steps you will easily do it.

  1. Fix your Lighting
  2. Set up your Camera
  3. In-app Configurations
  4. Audio Fixation

1) Fixing Hi-Tech Hiccup : Fix Your Lightings

Often we make the same mistake when recording a video or participating in a meeting: we don't fix the light. Camera devices are heavily dependent on lighting, and with darker subjects, we tend to lose the quality of video instantaneously. So how do we fix it?

  • Install your camera in line with your subject.
Fixing lighting glitches
Fixing Technical Glitches | Lightening
lighting glitches
Fixing technical Bug | Lightnings
  • Make sure you have an LED light with a soft-box on the left side of your face, as close to you as possible, without interfering with the camera view.
lights and settings
Fixing Technical Bug | lightening
  • Align this light at an angle that doesn't cause any drop reflections on your face. 
  • Install a neon light on your background to indirectly light up some part of your back wall.
lights and ficinh
Fixing Technical Hiccup | Lightening
  • Next, turn off other lights in the room and pull the curtains so no external light will come into the room.
  • If you have a subject behind you, install a direct light source just above and below it. 
  • The light should be covered with a soft material so that it only reflects on the subject and does not cause reflections in the final video (OPTIONAL)
lights and settings

Following these steps, if you find the video quality clearly defined, you are ready for your next meeting. 

But if you still find it inappropriate, keep reading to the next steps. 

2) Fixing Technical Glitches : Setting up your camera

These steps of the article have a different configuration based on what devices you use. These devices can be a high-quality DSLR, or a mobile phone, or a webcam. For this article, we are only considering the remote devices that are the latter ones. If you are someone who uses a DSLR, please refer to this Guide

  • If you use a mobile phone for all of your meetings, set it up in landscape mode to cover a larger resolution. There is no need to follow this step for webcam users.
camera setting
  • The basis is where it all starts. Place your device on something stable, like a tripod for mobile phones and a tall desk for the webcams. 
  • Ideally, the angle for placing these devices should always be 180 degrees.
  • For advanced tweaks, please refer to this guide. (OPTIONAL)

Again if these steps are not enough to fix your problem or standardize the quality of your video, you can skip to the audio step (if required). If not, read further.

3) Fixing Technical Hiccup : In-App Configurations

Because of the compressions made by different platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, your video quality can lag for no reason. Follow the steps to look into these, and meet with the solution. 

  1. Enable Group HD video. It is a mandatory function for people who enter a meeting of either three or more participants. Until you tap the 'Group HD' option, the video received for the active speaker would not be in a resolution of 720p. It will be at a much lower resolution, so consider this step as a priority.
  2. Zoom's Business and Enterprise plans offer high-definition video (1080p).
  3. For some Windows computers without a green screen, you won't be able to use the virtual background feature because your video will set a limit at 360p.
  4. The same configuration could be done for Google Meet by following Menu> Settings> Video> Select Send Resolution & Receive Resolution At 720p.

4) Fixing Technical Bugs : Audio Fixation

Apart from what you have to present at any conference, your video and audio are the only extra things that matter. After covering the video section, it’s now time to detail the audio portion. 

  1. The very first step depends on your surroundings. Always try to find yourself in a quiet and echo-free environment. In short, words Be Crisp.
  2. If you were unable to follow the first step for some reason, you can look through this advanced guide to transform a space as per your needs.
  3. We believe by now you must be in a suitable spot to attend any meeting, and before doing so, if you want it to be a little more professional, use a lav mic coming under Rs.1000, and connect it to your device with the configuration set to microphone.


The steps mentioned above will be able to fixing technical glitches before video conferencing, and in the end, we want to conclude that you can even set your environment as per your needs with just a ton of natural light, a quiet room, and some good conversation to do online. 

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