December 17, 2021

Future Of Online Education: A Way Out To The Challenge


Future of Online Education

Education is indeed the remedy for poverty, unemployment, and other social evils. From the Covid-19 pandemic, the harsh truth of illiteracy is unveiled. We are standing on the far side of the shores of literacy, and this gap is tough to overcome in a whole decade. According to a report by UNESCO, the pandemic had struck the education of around 1.5 billion students. It despaired them from the colourful world of education. Due to unprecedented economies, disruptive societies, and impoverished healthcare, we neglected the importance of education. While shutting down schools, institutions, and universities, we were nowhere. In the rising disordered mankind society, online education gave us some hope. But do we know what the legitimacy of education is? What is the future of online education? We can make a way out of it and unite towards the better.

  1. What were the educational challenges in the pandemic?
  2. Switching to virtual education
  3. Post-Covid education reform system

1. What were the educational challenges in the pandemic?

Before beginning with the aftermath of any subject, allow us to explore the obstacles. There are undoubtedly numerous obstacles that we faced, some of which are as follows:

  • Lack of social empathy :

In describing the process of education, we must ensure the fact that it is a part of the physical, social, and cognitive development of a child. Children abandoned by the fundamental education faced various social problems as well. Many worked as child labourers to feed their families, while a vast percentage of them were confronted with mental difficulties, depression, and other muddles.

Lack of social empathy - child labour
  • Poor Learning :

Many richer countries switched to virtual learning to recover from the situation, while the majority of countries faced poor comprehension due to the unavailability of books, the internet, online education, laptops, and unawareness in parents. In India itself, numerous children have faced opposition to elementary education. 

Poor Learning
  • Social Disparities and Inequalities : 

Many of the young ones have faced abuses, domestic violence, financial instability, and grievances due to loss in the family, which caused a loss of motivation and affected their mental health. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, these experiences were even more vulnerable.

Social Disparities and Inequalities
  • Lack of nutrition :

 With ample government schemes, mid-day meals were supporting children with a balanced diet. But as there was a shutting down of schools, this too can’t be neglected. 

Lack of nutrition

Is it possible to take the first step?

2. Switching to virtual education

In recent times, unaccountable documents, blogs, and articles have raised the importance of education through virtual modes and the future of online education. To safeguard the circumstances and trigger the necessity of knowledge, global leaders have reached a solution. A key to virtual education is managing them in a better way. Through radio, social media, computer screens, and mobiles, we have shaped the future of education. But we need to figure out the necessary steps to develop a kid wholly. A key to essential education is on the three pillars that are as follows:

Switching to Virtual Education
  • Stand Together, Work Together

The key to deepening human morals and values is education. But it must not be neglected that health plays a vital role in human and society development. Combining the roots of education and health can work wonders in terms of dignifying an impoverished society. Hence, there must be a strengthened collaboration between the health sector and the education sector for good.

Stand together, Work together
  • The Awareness Campaign

Once we stand united, there is a second step to recover from the existing losses. It primarily includes the implementation of an awareness campaign for the right to education. The majority of economically deficient countries fail to express their views on the right to education. So there must be a campaign where everyone can individually or collectively take the task to spread awareness.

E-Learning platform to built the future of online education
  • Access to education

Finally the accessibility of education to every child. This may be done by course of interconnectivity through the internet. Virtual classes are welcome where resources are unavailable. Surely, there may be free internet access and numerous e-learning platforms where one can shine their brains with knowledge.

3. Post-Covid Education Reform System 

When we look back to the year 2020-21, we must understand that we can’t bring back what we lost. But we can nurture our future by participating in our present activities. We already discussed the challenges and pillars of education, let's talk about the reform system. There are infinite steps one can find to reform education. Some of them can be-

  • Participate in e-learning seminars: With the availability of everything on our one tap, we can now participate in any seminar or conference. We can also update ourselves through various conferences like TRAI, Climate Summits, etc.
  • Say “Yes” to Virtual classes: We don’t have to run late for education when it already exists in our mobiles itself. With numerous free learning platforms, one can get enrolled in virtual classes and learn good lessons.
  • Helping Hand To Nature: It’s said that nature can teach anyone anywhere. So when you look at the process of converting a seed into a plant, or waterfalls coming from rocks, mountains, or maybe the museums left abandoned, you can grasp every important lesson from your books.


One can learn to become wise. Reading books, participating in online conferences, taking e-learning courses, and sharpening skills are crucial parts of our life. One should not take anything for granted. Education is the key to discovering the potential within oneself.

Future of Online Education

The future of online education revolves around creativity, science, and learning. 

We can achieve the world's greatest height and deepest oceans only with pure knowledge.  

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