April 7, 2022

Guide to Successful Parent-Teacher Meetings

PTMs shouldn’t be a time to discuss all the flaws and mistakes of a student, as that would only drive them away. It shouldn’t become a day that the parents and children dread for there would be a list of complaints for them to listen to.

Guide to Sucessful Parent- Teacher Meetings

With the exam season coming to an end, it is officially the time for the day that most students dread, that is, the parent-teacher meeting. However, it is an important event in order to help students progress better. And mostly it is in the hands of the tutors to make or break it. Therefore, here is a quick walk-through for you to know the importance of the day and how to make it more constructive in both the case of offline and online classes.

What are the objectives of the parent-teacher meetings?

The idea of a parent-teacher meeting was brought to light in order to make sure that both teachers and parents are in sync at all times. And know of students’ strengths and weaknesses, learning capacity and capabilities, interests, attitudes, and etiquette. It is an initiative to work together on a child’s performance and thereby their future.

Hence, one of the major purposes of the parent-teacher meeting is to identify and acknowledge each child’s strengths and weaknesses. And turn every child’s potential into a reality, by working on the valuation of their academics and non-academics and ensuring the best results and growth.    

Tips to improve the quality of the meeting

We have already established how PTMs are important as parents deserve concrete feedback from educators, and the tutors require a partner inorder to fully influence a pupil towards change. Hence, PTMs shouldn’t be a time to discuss all the flaws and mistakes of a student, as that would only drive them away. It shouldn’t become a day that the parents and children dread for there would be a list of complaints for them to listen to. Skipping it will only hinder a student’s overall betterment.

A few things that one should discuss are:

  1. Acknowledge and mention all the improvements, progress, and achievements.
  2. Conjure a plan as to how they can better help the student in areas that they need it.
  3. It’s no time for the blame game. Understand that it’s an equal responsibility and together you can work better.
  4. Identify the child’s forte and see how you can encourage and support them in that area.
  5. Keep following up!

How do you conduct a parent-teacher meeting?

To make sure that parents don’t miss out on a parent-teacher meeting, here are a few tips on how to conduct it more efficiently:

  1. Directly contact the parents. Most students with the dread of the day might end up not informing their parents about it at all. Hence, send a message to the parents directly.
  2. Be kind! Offer them a seat (incase of a one-on-one meeting), smile, be polite, and start with good news. Such that, they feel more relaxed and open up better.
  3. Incase of a virtual parent-teacher meeting, make sure that the connectivity is stable and that your video is on, create a connection with politeness and then start.
  4. Another major reason that most miss PTMs is that the timings aren’t ideal. So make sure that you discuss and mutually decide the day and time well in advance. This can especially be easier if you use an online teaching app as you can schedule and send reminders via the app itself with ease.
  5. Both parents and teachers should be open to one another’s thoughts and come to a conclusion together instead of being rigid.  
guide to parent teacher meeting

Is a parent-teacher meeting necessary?

By analyzing students’ behaviors, psychology, interests, skills, and performances, and discussing the observations, both parents and teachers can better understand what areas to encourage a student in and in what aspects they have to put in a little extra effort.  And sharing insights with one another about the student will only help the other work with the student in a better way.

Thence, PTMs are important for they can help retrospect, where a child needs improvement, and in what areas they have improved compared to the previous visit. While it also helps build a positive relationship and understanding between the parents and teachers such that they would discuss things in-depth and better help a student.

These timely discussions become even more important in a live class setting, as most parents are still unsure about this change. And such timely feedback would help stay more assured. Hence, online teaching apps like Winuall, have a well-designed parent module via which you can schedule calls, send reminders, and get in touch with parents at any given time via the e-platform.  

Tip: In order to have more impact, (be it offline or online classes) have a PTM or atleast a virtual PTM, every few months rather than making it an annual event. With at least one to specifically discuss the progress of a student.  

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