May 23, 2022

How can group studies help you learn better?


Every student has a different learning style, while some learn better when alone, others have to repeat it a couple of times to remember it, and then there are some who learn best through group studies. And while we don't assert that one option is better than the other, we are sure that one of the ways would work best for you. 

Hence, to familiarize you with different methods, we would today shed some light on the group/ combined study method. There are quite a few ways that combined studies tend to help learn better, and remember the same for long. A group of friends, acquaintances, or batchmates, sitting together, sharing notes and thoughts helps share insights and ideologies which would surely help each one present.

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How does group study help?

Here are a few ways that combined/ group studies can help: 

  1. Increases learning and retention
  2. Shows a new perspective
  3. Adds fun factor to studies
  4. Helps compare notes
  5. Adds a routine
  6. Creates motivation
  7. Readies you for work-world

1. Increases learning and retention 

Explaining the concepts to one another, and discussing the topic over and over again would help you learn quicker and retain the information for longer. Moreover, there would often be a story, joke, or incident that comes up which would help you associate the topic with and thereby not forget it for a long time. This doesn't really happen when studying individually, hence making group studies helpful. 

2. Shows a new perspective 

Everyone present there would have seen a topic with a different understanding. And these combined studies would be a good time to discuss your varied views. This can at times give you a different perspective, and show you a different side of the same topic. However, at times the difference of opinion can also lead to debates, which too ends up teaching you something as it gives you a newer and more refined vision.   

3. Adds fun factor to studies 

It’s always more fun when in a group, isn’t it? Together you can balance out studies and recreational activities making things a lot more fun and relaxing. As it is just as important to enjoy yourself as it is to study. And as a matter of fact, this would help you be more attentive when you actually study. 

Therefore, though most say that in this setting there is a lot of distraction, we would rather say that the attentive 10 mins of study are better than wasting time on the same topic for a long period because you are stressed and tired.

4. Helps compare notes 

Each one of you would have made different notes, or atleast have a little difference in the pointers noted down. You can all discuss those with one another and surely there would be at least one new thing you would end up taking back. 

And in case any of you have missed out on the notes for a particular topic this would be a good time to exchange them. And ofcourse educate one another on missed topics too.     

5. Adds a routine 

You can all mutually decide and fix a time to meet everyday and study with utmost sincerity during the period. This will create a sense of routine and discipline in your study schedule. 

6. Creates motivation

Each of you can motivate the other and together you can push yourself and your friends to study better. A group study setting helps you together set and accomplish goals which would act as a great motivator. 

7. Readies you for the work-world 

It’s mostly going to be teamwork in your life ahead of school. Things are to be done in groups and not individually. Therefore, this exercise prepares you for the real world.  


Do students learn better together? Well, we would say yes, as this is another fun yet effective way that can help you learn and retain knowledge.

It's always a good idea to experiment and find out if it works well for you. And if it does you can continue learning this way. Or simply continue working on finding your niche.  

And lastly, though it’s more popular with a face-to-face/ offline setting, you can always opt for the combined studies option with online learning too. You could simply create your studygroup online and can discuss what you want to through virtual meetings, by presenting and sharing notes via the platform

So be it offline or online, do give the method of the study group a try and benefit yourself the best it can!

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