December 31, 2021

How can you Grow your Online Teaching Business by 10x in 2022?


How can you grow your Online Teaching Business

Flashback time: The year was 2020, we were recently introduced to a virus, and out of that crisis a new world was born. Everything started changing, businesses were either closed or moved online. Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes were closed indefinitely. People slowly started embracing the online world and teaching slowly started to happen online.

Fast-forward to today: The world is pretty much accustomed to online classes. Lakhs of tutors and coaching institutes across India are taking online classes. Some are doing it using multiple apps like Zoom, Word, WhatsApp, Payment apps and some have opted for their own ready-to-use teaching app.

So, what does the future look like?

Pandemic or otherwise, teachers are finding it easy to take online classes and some coaching institutes have completely shifted to the online mode of teaching.

As we are writing this article, the omicron variant of Covid19 is fast spreading in India. Some states have already introduced travel restrictions, night curfews, and other precautionary measures. New Delhi has declared a yellow alert and asked schools and coaching institutions to stop offline classroom teaching.

This time the situation is different. After two waves of Covid19, people are well prepared to deal with the new strain. As a tutor or coaching institute, if you make the right move now, you can increase your income by as much as 10X. Let’s understand how online teaching can give this much growth and how to grow online.

How can online teaching give you 10X growth?

When you set up your offline classes, you are paying for the rent, electricity, water,  maintenance, salary for the non-teaching staff, and many more miscellaneous things. For online teaching, all you need is a smartphone or a computer, that’s it. This could save tens of thousands to lakhs of rupees depending on where you are teaching from. The money saved from this can increase the profit in your balance sheet.

Let’s say you have a classroom with a capacity of 100 students and you are taking 3 batches in a day. You can only teach 300 people with this setup and if you want to teach more students, you have to rent a new place and we know it’s a costly affair. Coming to online teaching, here you can teach lakhs of students sitting in your study room. I know I just mentioned 10X growth in the title but with the right platform and right amount of effort, it can even be 100X or more simply because of the scaling capabilities without the requirement of a huge amount of capital.

How to grow your business 10X with online teaching?

You should have the right tools (or a tool): You need Zoom for live classes, WhatsApp to communicate with students, Google Docs to prepare assignments, Google forms for quiz creation, Gpay or PhonePe for fee collection. Well, if the list sounds exhaustive, you can have all those features in a single app.

Now, you are ready to get a teaching app. Let’s discuss it a bit: Your coaching institute had its own name, logo, building, and probably a dress code. When you start teaching online, you should have an app and website in your own name, with your own logo and theme. That’s the basics of branding and it’s important for the growth of any business. You should have your own branded app and website.

You got a branded teaching app, now you need to do digital marketing to reach new students: You already know how important is Digital Marketing, if done right it can help you reach lakhs of students, build your brand and increase conversions. It can make your business successful and your brand well-known.

Let’s look at all three points,

  1. Get an all-in-one teaching app: it saves time and effort
  2. Get a branded teaching app instead of teaching on some random platform: it makes your institute a brand
  3. Start Digital Marketing: It builds brand awareness about your brand which you have already started with your own teaching app. It also reaches the right target audience and brings leads.

That’s what you need to succeed as a tutor or a coaching institute in 2022. If you are wondering where can you get all these things, the answer is Winuall. With Winuall, you will get your branded teaching app/website and Digital Marketing support to help you succeed.

If you are ready to start with this journey, just call us at 9650588661. We will help you with everything you need. 

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