November 14, 2022

How to Counsel Students?


How to Counsel Students ?

Whether classes are online or offline, students always have doubts and queries be it related to studies or anything else which they require assistance on. And as instructors, the responsibility to help your students would be on you. You can talk to your students and try and understand their problem,

As a counselor/ instructor your responsibility would be to help them see things clearly, resolve their doubts and queries, and help them wherever and whenever they get stuck. And incase of online learning that could majorly be about understanding the e-platform and getting used to the change.

No matter what the problem or difficulty, here are a few tips that can be of help to you. 

Tips on how to counsel students     

  1. Understand before addressing 

Remember the first and most important responsibility of a counselor is to listen and understand the problem that one is going through. Listen in totality and try to understand their mixed emotions which at times they themselves might not be able to make sense of.  

  1. Ask questions 

Once you have heard their queries, question and cross-question them wherever to make better sense of their situations and ideas. Only this way can you truly be able to help them right.

The idea is to understand and make sense of the situation right via questions to be able to give them the answers they need.   

  1. Tell them what they need to hear rather than want to!

You won’t really be helping them if you just tell them what they want to hear, make them happy and let them move on. This will only give them temporary bliss, but what’s actually needed is that you tell them that they need to hear, that which will help them in the long run and would actually make life better for them.   

  1. Show your kindness and love through the truth 

Say the truth in the best possible way. And truly, the truth is the kindest thing you could do for a person in the long haul. 

Make sure to say it in a way that they can see sense in it, accept it and be able to adapt it in their lives too.   


As a teacher, be it offline or through an online teaching platform you need to know how you could influence and help your students in the right way, and these tips will surely come in handy.

Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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