February 24, 2022

How to make engaging videos for your Online Courses?


How to make engaging videos for your Online courses

As essential as the touch of live classes are, especially to provide the humanized experience, recorded sessions are as important. A learner can’t retain all that they have heard in the class. And hence would require getting back and having a revision. And this is where the recorded class or the notes come in handy. However, a well-made video can help leave a greater impact on a student than the notes can. As visualization can be absorbed and remembered better. Thus, videos are a perfect inclusion in your online courses. So if you ever thought, how can I create an engaging course? perhaps this is the factor that you could include!

The next big question that arises though is how can I make a video more engaging? So here are a few steps to help you make an engaging and impactful video for your online teaching platforms:

  1. Plan it right
  2. Follow a script
  3. Use exciting visuals
  4. Use the right tools
  5. Make concise videos
  6. Consider value and reusibility
  1. Plan it right: No matter what it is that you choose to do, planning it right is primary. And in this case, too, you need to have your base right. One must know who their target audience is, and research what kind of content they react best to. And as per your analysis, you must develop courses in an appealing manner. And further, also decide when the right time to upload it would be.  
  2. Follow a script: Once you know what category (subject) and topic you want to choose for your online tutoring, that is, your outline is planned; you need to focus next on the script. A script is basically a constructed idea to help you be sure of what to speak about and cover during your session. (Tip: Don’t just jump to the topic, but rather connect it with a story. And especially in such a case, it’s wise to have a script so that you don’t make things vague or mess them up.)  
  1. Use exciting visuals: It’s a good idea to create the humanized element by being the hero of the video. But some visual aids are always better in order to keep the focus for longer. Add a few slides, infographics, videos, and/ or pictures. But make sure that those are exciting and not distracting! Let them not steal the show by distracting the audience from the actual concept.
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  1. Use the right tools: A good camera is a must. It could either be a video camera or your phone mobile with good pixels. Other than that a good background, and good lighting, along with, an uninterrupted place, preferably with noise-cancelation, are the ideal tools and setting to make your video. Refer to this blog to fix technical glitches in meetings.
  1. Make concise videos: A long, and exaggerated video is often one that most viewers will either skip or zone out from. Hence, one must work on making it not only informative and captivating but concise too. Always review and edit your video before posting it.
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  1. Consider value and reusability: A video, especially an educational one isn’t a one-time watch. But one has to make sure that it is made in a simplified and engrossing way such that the viewers should consider coming back and re-watching it.  

Also, focus on creating a community, that is rather than making any random videos, do it in a certain category and make them engrossing and beneficial such that people keep getting back to you. Other tips would be to create the right blend and also go live often rather than just sticking to recorded sessions. And while at it also invite guests from the same industry who have made it big or simply have some valuable insights to share.

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