April 20, 2022

How to Plan a Timetable for the Upcoming year ?


Timetables, as you would already know, are a detailed plan of when and at what time certain events are to be held. And as a teacher ‘planning’ without a doubt becomes a vital part of your job. From planning the schedule for the academic year to making sure that you have a well-balanced personal life. No matter how much you love your job things can get quite overwhelming at times, especially when teaching online. Hence, a timetable for teachers/ a teacher-wise timetable provides more discipline, clarity, and a better outline of what the year would look like. Moreover, with the new academic year starting soon it's best to have your schedule prepared well in advance in order to have an organized and thereby peaceful year ahead.

Timetable Schedule

How should teachers set their timetables?

Every teacher must consider making for themselves a teacher-wise timetable. That is, a timetable exclusively for teachers, with an in-depth class plan. This timetable must majorly focus on 3 aspects, namely, a yearlong plan, topic outlines, and a daily plan.

  • Yearlong plan – This is an outline of all that you want to cover in the specific academic year. It includes what the syllabus would be, when the holidays would be planned, the duration of the same, when the semester exams are to be held, etc.   
  • Topic outline – Once you are sure of what syllabus you want to cover, the next thought that you have to ponder upon is what all branches of it would you want to cover. For instance, it's not enough that you decide you want to teach English grammar during the year, you also have to be sure whether it's tenses, articles, or participles that you wish to teach and how would you divide the same throughout your course.  
  • Daily plan – Next is to plan how you would want your day to look. You must see to it that your classes don’t overlap, the timings are appropriate for your students too (this is even more essential in case you are teaching online), that the classes are neither too long nor too short, rather should be just enough to keep their attention intact. And lastly, do not forget that you have a life outside this, so manage things right.
Daily & Yearly plan

What are timetable activities?

A timetable isn’t only of one kind. A teacher-wise timetable has more aspects to it. Considering how a teacher mostly has more than one activity to plan for their class, a timetable can be divided by certain activities:

  • Class-timetable – this would include all the classes they have to take in a day, much like a student’s timetable
  • Games timetable – Games are as important as studies, so adding a game period, or atleast inducing some game-based learning, hence game time, should be part of your plan.
  • Co-curricular timetable – Co-curricular is important to help keep students happy and energetic. However, these events can take up quite some time. So you have to plan in detail when you would hold the activities and how would you manage other things around it   
  • Assignment/ Homework timetable – Have it thought in advance in order to avoid last-minute thinking. Decide whether you want to grade it as part of the final percentage or not. And what you would like to assign to varied batches.

How do you make a school timetable?

Things are digital now and hence a lot easier to manage. You can effortlessly conjure your online teaching schedule in word or excel. Within minutes you can create a table and add the details to it.  

Or if you like to keep it old school, you can always create one in your personal schedule or mark things in your calendar. However, there’s no denying that the computer makes it a lot more convenient.


Creating the right balance for yourself and managing your time right is important for each one, and schedules can help you do just that. Be it in offline or online classes, one must have things planned right to make tasks easier. And if you are an online tutor or want to become an online tutor, to further simplify things for you an online teaching app, Winuall, comes with multiple features, from scheduling live classes to providing store content to add your ebooks and class recordings, live attendance, quiz, parent and homework modules, etc. Furthermore, you can also send your students notifications of your classes, reminding them of their scheduled classes with you!  

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
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