March 17, 2022

Live Classes & Attendance Feature Just Got Upgraded!


Online teaching has been rapidly growing due to the long due digital shift and the advocacy provided by the pandemic. And one of the basic-most features needed to study/ teach via this medium is a platform to conduct your live classes and record attendance. And while most apps might provide you with the feature to host a online class, a well-developed and advanced app for the classroom can make the job so much more easier and convenient for you. Winuall aims at doing just that for all our tutors and their students. And few of our latest updates in the live lecture and attendance feature validate the same. 

What's new with the live class?

Live lectures are a primary feature of e-learning, as that’s the only way for the student and tutor to connect, have discussions, doubt-clearing sessions, etc. And thus, we have come up with a few enhancements to help you manage your online class better. These include:

  1. Check the details and status of lectures
  2. Assign the lectures to faculty

1. Check the details and status of lectures 

Once you have scheduled your online class from the Schedule Class option, you can always go back and check details like which batches had a particular lecture scheduled for them. And further details of its timings, students part of the batch, etc.

Furthermore, you can also check the status of the lecture, that is, whether it is upcoming, ongoing, or completed, from the “Schedule and Take Classes Live” tab. And along with the title and description, in this case, too you can see the start and end details of the same.

2. Assign the lectures to the faculty of your online class

Now you can also assign any faculty member from your platform to conduct a particular lecture for any specific batch.  

Click on Go Live > Upcoming > Edit icon > Choose the tutor name from the drop-down. And that way you can assign a lecturer to conduct a class.

Attendace feature of your online class has been updated!

Once your class is scheduled and started the next step is recording the attendance. And we at Winuall, understand the hardship that this brings when having to do so manually. There have been instances where students miss out on attendance simply because the network wasn’t good and the tutor couldn’t hear them. Thus, we have come up with the live attendance feature, wherein you can: 

  1. Record attendance automatically
  2. You can do it manually too
  3. Notify the students

1. Record attendance automatically during online class

The attendance gets recorded automatically when you conduct your live class. As soon as the student joins the attendance gets recorded, that is, the in and out times are recorded for each student. And you can view the same with ease too. Saving you the time of roll call and manually filling it up.

2. You can do it manually too

However, we don’t restrict you to only that option. You can record it manually by going to, Record attendance > Offline class attendance > Mark/ View attendance.

attendance for online class

3. Notify the Students 

An attendance report will be sent as a notification to the student on their app, which would inform them and their guardian of their presence/ absence. 

We believe in constantly improving ourselves and providing the best to you, and so there have been quite a few updates in your app lately, another major one being in the quiz module. You can check these and other updates from your app and get in touch with us anytime with your queries.  

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
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