October 8, 2020

Must-Have Qualities for Teachers in the 21st Century


There is no doubt that students rely on their teachers for much more than just teaching. The 21st century has brought about massive changes in the education industry. We understand that all of you are great multitaskers, but these tough times can affect the best of us. This makes it important for teachers to develop a few needed qualities that will take them a long way!

In today's times, there exist so many skills that it becomes challenging to figure out what to prioritize and what to leave for later. While we are certain that you are passionate and dedicated to the teaching profession, it is important to make sure you develop some important characteristics along the way.

Strong communicators
Strong Communicators

Communication goes way beyond academics. You need to figure out the right way to communicate your visions to students; helping them get on the same page. Sometimes, students are hesitant about a topic or a subject - that is when this quality comes to use. In other words, you need to be able to communicate in all forms. Convey the subject in such a way that students enjoy it.


You are responsible for setting the tone of the class. While you may portray yourself as fun, children also need to see you as a figure of authority. They have a lot of energy and it is your duty to redirect it in all the right places. If you feel something is going wrong, take charge of it immediately. Maintaining the decorum of the class is a must and this will only happen if the students respect their teachers.

Listen Well

A job of a teacher does not end by just finishing a lecture. It is important to be patient and understand what the students want to convey. If needed, you need to push them to open up and make them feel comfortable. Once you start listening, you can also modify your lessons according to how it suits best for students. If you learn to listen to your students, it will become easy for you to understand not only their goals but also their points of views.


Unforeseen and unexpected circumstances are normal. Even if things are not going your way, you need to keep a calm and composed attitude. You need to be prepared to adapt to all kinds of situations since you do not know what type of challenges might come your way. Moreover, you need to get into solution mode instead of panicking so that you set a good example in front of the students too.

Experiential/Hands On Learning

When students are allowed to make their own decisions, it motivates them to learn more. Children today are mature enough and there is no need to spoon-feed them. Giving them a chance to go out into the field and taking responsibilities will not only shape them to be a better person but also promote efficient learning. Gone are the days where academics are only limited to textbooks. It is time to go beyond the regular curriculum and open students to the real world.

Go Global

This may come as a surprise to you, but most teachers today are planning to go International! They are dedicating a part of their time to getting accustomed to new languages, cultures, and ways of life. If you have the passion to educate as many students as possible, the perfect option is to teach students from other parts of the world.

Learn to use Technology

No industry today is complete without the use of technological devices. The internet has not only brought people together, but the students too have become tech-savvy over time. Teachers can use email and social media to provide important information while students can use various tools to submit their assignments. Using technology will help increase both productivity and communication.

Learn to use technology
Educate the Whole Person

As mentioned before, your work does not end at just academics. You play a major role in all your students' life and they depend on you to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Over time, the connection that you make with them will make them want to confide in you. In short, your duty is to not just teach them a subject, but also important lessons of life.

We believe that being a teacher is a very special gift and these skills are essential to creating an impact. It is important to make a positive, lasting impression in the lives of students; one that may be life changing for them.

Keeping all these qualities aside, we are sure teachers have some other extraordinary characteristics too. All of those combined make them the superheroes we think they are! If you want to share these qualities with other tutors and expand your area of creating an impact, write to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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