December 20, 2021

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Welcome to Winuall! We are thrilled to have you here on our inspiring diary page to improve your online teaching experience through our User Guide.

With each ray of sunlight, we pledged to bring the shining experience into your lives. We have faced difficulties when it comes to imparting online education. But there’s little less to worry about because we have covered all your problems here with our user guide. 

Teaching is not only giving lectures or taking notes but far beyond that. It is the full-fledged system that makes an individual capable of discovering potential, building integrity and generosity in character, and improving social lives. We understand that teaching is divided into 3 parts- learning, analyzing, and building through all in-competencies.

Therefore, an individual is endowed with pure knowledge and integrity.

 With every day changes, it becomes difficult because there are millions of students that are unveiled with basic education due to uncertain resources. It is henceforth important to bring across the right tools for students as well as teachers for the right education. To achieve this, we actually need one proper management system through which we can interact and educate countless students. 

To start, there are the following points covered in this user guide that will take you to build your own platform for visibility and management for your online classes-

  1. Start your online classes with a recognised platform
  2. Manage attendance of your classes
  3. Supervise the homework given by you
  4. Organise quizzes and tests for better performance
  5. Generate Reports
  6. Connect to parents for greater results
  7. Resolve Doubts
  8. Collect fees online through a verified payment gateway
  9. Sell Your Courses through understanding this user guide.

1} Start your online classes with a recognized platform

Virtual classes can be fun when they are arranged in a defined way. Setting up a platform is easy and accessible to hundreds of thousands of students at a time. It is an important step for your brand recognition and easy management of classes. Just log into your account first from admin credentials. You will be taken to the dashboard which looks like the below picture.

In the quick actions, you will find the option Go Live to run a class. In addition, you can add content to your library that allows students to access lectures recorded by you as well as notes you provide. 

Winuall Dashboard

On Home Option, Leftmost panel, you can see batch management that allows you to create batches. On the Home Option, click Content and you will see the dashboard given below. Now you can manage the content as well as add new by Add Folder

Winuall - Content Library

2} Manage attendance of your classes

Regularity and punctuality allow us to master any skill or lesson. So this feature, which is all about managing attendance batch view. In Quick Actions, click Manage Attendance which will allow you to see the batches you created. Select the batch you wish to see attendance for. The image below will allow you to understand clearly-

Winuall - Attendance Dashboard

3} Supervise the homework given by you

A homework assignment provides an easy way to assess how well your students are doing in their lessons. To give homework and check them, from Quick Action, select Homeworks. Select class/batch. On the rightmost corner, click give homework. A quick form will be opened where you need to fill the Title, Description, Time Limits, Batches, Maximum Number, Attachments. Click on Send at the end. And it's done!

You can also see ongoing, upcoming and completed homeworks. This will help you to easily supervise the homework. 

Winuall - Homework Dashboard
Winuall - Enter Homework Details
Homework Dashbaord - Winuall App

4} Organise quizzes and tests for better performance

Tests, Quizzes, and Exams prepare your students for a better tomorrow by challenging their knowledge, taught in your class. In the left-most corner, click Home -> Quizzes. 

You can check ongoing, upcoming, and completed quizzes studentvise or batchwise. From the right most corner, you can either create Autogenerated Quiz or Create Quiz for your own question bank.  In both cases, you will see a sample form. Interestingly, Create Quiz will take you where you can even upload a Word file of your questions.

Winuall - Quiz Dashboard
Winuall - Manage Quiz Dashboard
Winuall - Create Quiz
Winuall - Auto Generation Quiz

5} Generate Reports

A student's report is an assessment that shows his visibility in a class, his attention, and how he performed on exams. Hence, reports are a crucial part of the classes. You can now generate reports without any haste.  

We issue report cards for all completed homework assignments and quizzes. You can view the results by clicking on them.

6} Connect to parents for greater results

The all-new parent module is all you need for connecting parents. On Home, click Manage Parents. A dashboard of parents can be seen here. You can add the parents manually batch-wise and studentwise. Now you can make announcements you wish to share with parents, message them separately or combinedly, send them student reports. You can let parents know if their child needs extra assistance.

Winuall - Manage Parents

7} Resolve doubts

Students perform better when they have doubts, because they are an integral part of their learning. They are an integral part of learning. You can easily resolve doubts of your students by clicking Home -> doubts. The raised doubts will appear in the dashboard, where you can address them. 

Winuall - Resolve Doubts

8} Collect fees online through a verified payment gateway

You can see the payments received directly from My Payments in Quick Actions. 

9} Sell Your Courses 

With the outstanding features above, you can run your online classes easily without any hassle. In case of any query or support, your home panel has an option of Support. 

Providing you with the best service and assistance with your problems is our goal.

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