February 3, 2022

Quiz Module Just Got Upgraded!


A quiz is a mind game that is a perfect blend of educational and fun. In the field of education, quizzes are used to measure the growth in knowledge, skills, or abilities of a learner. This relaxed form of assessment is a perfect example of game-based learning and is mostly in the form of MCQ, SCQ, or passage-based quizzes. Winuall has the quiz module feature in their online teaching app in order to make the process of testing and assessing their students easier for a tutor. With options to create, or to generate from pre-made quizzes, and to analyze the same made simpler, we aim at making things more relaxed for the tutors. 

What are upgrades in the quiz module of the online teaching app?

Here are a few of the major advancements in the quiz feature of our app:

  1. "Create Quiz" option is available on the mobile app too
  2. Upload excel files
  3. Edit the question bank
  4. Tags are now optional
  5. Detailed question-wise analysis
  6. Auto-generate quiz
  7. Change or add batches in ongoing quiz
  8. Create sections in the quiz

1. “Create Quiz” option is now available via the mobile app too

As effortless as the “generate quiz” option is, sometimes you would wish to create a quiz on your own, therefore we provide you with that option too. And while this feature was already available on the website, we have now made it accessible via mobile phones too. To help you work on the go and to especially aid the new-age, mobile-savvy tutors. 

Winuall Mobile Quiz Module for online teaching

2. Upload Excel files to your online teaching app

You could also easily upload pre-created quizzes to your online teaching app, that you have in your mobiles/ systems in the form of word or excel documents.

Quiz (option from home screen) -> Create quiz -> Upload File 

Winuall Web Quiz Module for online teaching

3. Edit the question bank to help you generate questions 

Both personal and Winuall question banks are available to help you generate a quiz, but earlier you couldn’t edit these. Now you can make changes here for your students if you find them faulty. 

All you have to do is:  

  • When you start creating the quiz, select ‘Search Question Bank’ and add the filters, and tap on 'Click and apply filters
  • Next to each question would be the edit sign
  • via which you could you’re your desired changes.

     You could also click on flag and flag the question in order to alert the admin of the error.

4. Tags are now optional 

Tags are keywords that help search and find data of a particular category to help users get better content.

And while earlier one had to add subject > topic > subtopic which was considered a hassle by some users we have now made it optional. That is, you can search questions to generate your quiz via any keyword and needn’t go in the formed order. 

5. Detailed Question-wise Analysis is possible in your online teaching app!

Lastly, the final step is to analyze the quiz that your students have taken, and you could do that too in detail. 

From the Quiz home page you can find your course under the ongoing, or completed category and -

  1. Select the 'download result' option and check how many have and how many haven’t attempted the quiz.
  2.  Once the quiz is completed you can also check the quiz analysis, that is, the no. of students who took the quiz, re-attempted it, top scorers, and the average score.
  3. And now you can also check analysis of each question, that is, Question-wise Analysis of average time taken, no. of students with correct answers and otherwise.

6. Auto-generate quiz from your own question bank

Auto-generating quiz sure did make your job easy but hadn’t you at times wished to have the question you want to add being generated for you?

We have made this wish come true by now letting you auto-generate quizzes via the questions from your own question bank. Add the questions whenever you want to in your personal question bank, and when you are short of time and want to auto-generate, you don't have to rely on the programmed questions anymore.

7. Change or Add batches in ongoing quiz 

Once you have published the quiz for your students, and if you happen to realize that you wanted to test a few other batches too, you needn’t create a separate quiz for them. You can add a batch mid-quiz and have them take the same quiz and analyze their performance like that of others.

And similarly, you can also remove a batch that you do want to allot the quiz to even after you have published the quiz.  

8. Create Sections in your quiz

Sections in a test help you categorize your quiz depending on topics and/or marks. Now you can add questions to these sections in your test even more easily, all you have to do is select the section you want to add the question to from the right corner, and as you tap on the question on the screen it gets added to the section.

Here is a flow through the major additions in the quiz module of your online teaching app which we hope will only add more ease to your tutoring process. Head to the website to check all the other features in detail and reach out to us anytime for any further aid!  

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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