December 8, 2020

Alok Daiya- The inspiring journey from a Teacher to an Edupreneur


This journey is of an aspiring Edupreneur who has not only achieved numerous milestones in various fields but is someone who is creating a significant mark in the education sector. It is the journey of Mr. Alok Daiya of Edification Academy!

Mr. Alok Daiya, Founder, Director and Chief Mentor of Edification Academy Pvt. Ltd. has been running the institute for over 5 years now. It is the Emerging Financial Academy of India and the examination partner of NSE Academy. So far, he has taught nearly about 10,000 students

Edification Academy has always had a zeal for education and this passion has thus, led to them teaching and empowering a countless number of students with financial literacy and applied knowledge. The academy is thriving in the financial education field and has become a place where students are being shaped into individuals with a bright future.

In conversation with Mr. Alok Daiya, it was truly eye-opening to know about his experience both as a teacher and an entrepreneur.

Alok Daiya


According to Mr. Alok, what the world needs today are potentially equipped individuals who can not only identify and think through the situation but also be prepared to fight and eventually win through it. Applied knowledge is the key solution in these sensitive times since knowledge has no importance unless there is a skill to apply it.

The vision of the academy is simple - "your potential and our efforts". The youth today has tremendous potential and talent. The need of the hour is to utilise it in the right direction and make them 100% corporate-ready; that is exactly what Edification Academy stands for.


The COVID situation turned out to be extremely positive for the academy. When the other businesses were having trouble in connecting with the students digitally, Edification Academy had already conducted online classes on Zoom. In fact, their reach has significantly expanded. They now also teach international students and students from Mumbai, Pune, Deoghar, Dhanbad, Patna and many more.

During the pandemic, Mr. Alok has worked on personally designing the gamification programs for students to make learning a fun experience. Here, the students learn important skills through interesting gaming programs.

In simpler words, "Learning Never Stops and so did not the Academy too!"


The team is working on building the right trust and connection with its target audience. They are working around the clock, researching and designing the right courses for students. The academy has set short-term goals in an attempt to meet the expectations of the industry. Currently, the team is working on career development building through interviews and student profiles.

In fact, Edification Academy was also nominated for the Top 10 Promising Stock Market Institutes and all credit goes to the A+ team that Mr. Alok has put together!


One of the major challenges faced by the academy was that the students are running after big brand names without evaluating the quality of education that is being provided. Edification Academy believes and works in delivering the most relevant and updated content for the courses they offer so that the aspiration of students and the expectations of the industry are actually met.

The term "Edification" is a combination of Education and Skill. The name symbolises that relying on theory is not enough, students need to gain applied knowledge too. Education loses its true value if students have a certification but are not aware of how to apply it in practical life.

Mr. Alok set out to bring about a change in this mindset of people and has succeeded too!


Mr. Alok has always believed that patience is one quality that every businessman should build and develop. They should follow their heart and instinct no matter what.  It is important to make mistakes and use challenges to reassess your strategies. Our hard work and effort should never stop; we need to always be ready to take action.

He also believes in his own personal DOG Strategy (Dedication, Observation and Governing) which has bought him a long way in his profession.


Considering the many years of experience that Mr. Alok comes from, it was lucky to get a few words of wisdom from him!

He urges us to empathise with the conditions of the market and understand the needs of our target audience. We should not just limit ourselves to books but also get out of our comfort zones to do our own research. Finally, he says, "Understand the difference between optimum utilisation & over utilisation because that is what will take you a long way."

Edification Academy

While we have made an attempt to cover Mr. Alok’s experience in one article, it is definitely not enough! He works for almost 12 hours a day, dedicating himself to full-time research, office work, and providing live sessions to students and clients. His way of handling stress is through photography and meditation. Mr. Alok has not only made a significant impact in the education industry but he has also motivated people to strive to be an edupreneur!

In a nutshell, Edification Academy is aptly meeting the expectations of the industry and the requirements of the students. While we have a lot more to learn from his journey, WinUall feels lucky to cover his story and share it with as many people as possible!

We salute such teachers who are bringing about a significant change in one of the most important industry that is, the education sector.

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