March 18, 2022

The Why & How of Counseling Students


What is the Importance of counseling students?

The process of guiding someone to the right for any specific thing and at any given time is the best way one can define counseling. And there’s no denying that each one of us requires some sort of guidance at certain stages of our lives. And that puts us in search of someone who we can trust to confide in. The same is the case with students too. They find themselves confused, anxious, or perhaps frustrated at different stages. And thus, in search of someone they can count on. Especially when standing on a threshold of a milestone, the confusion is at an all-time high. Therefore, in such cases, the teachers should be skilled in counseling students and guiding them.

counseling students

Teacher as a counselor    

A teacher is someone who sees and understands the pressures of a student most closely. Hence, a little effort can help build a connection, encouraging the students to confide in tutors better, thereby helping themselves. This is majorly why a teacher needs to have counseling skills as it would help them pick on the changing behaviors of their students and provide them the needed aid. That is, guide them whenever and wherever they get stuck, to become more self-aware and thence, reach their highest potential. 

Academic achievements are given the utmost value and importance in India. This too becomes a reason for increased pressure. With the admission season coming, we might yet again witness increased stress levels in students. Majorly, to get into a specific field of preference, regardless of whether or not it's their forte.  

Choosing the right course helps shape a student's future path, and thereby their career and life ahead. And someone who is familiar with student issues, psychologies, and behaviors, can counsel, encourage, and clear their minds. Thus, helping them picture a better future. This can be achieved by picking on a student’s interests, skills, abilities, likes, dislikes, and academic/ non-academic strengths, followed by suggesting which course they really have a flair for. 

What makes a competent counselor?

One must be explained only when they truly enjoy it, will the career be an enjoyable and successful one for them. And to do so, some of the counseling techniques one can adopt are:

  • Good Listener – Allow them to speak and don’t just hear them for the sake of it, but rather be a good and focused listener. That’s the most important to both make them feel valued and be able to help them better. 
  • Acknowledge their concerns – Understand what concerns them or makes them unsure about choosing a certain field and help them accordingly. 
  • Empathetic – No one needs sympathy, empathy on the other hand is what will help them build a rapport with you and truly open up.
  • Confidential – That’s the golden rule of counseling. You can’t utter the troubles of one to another. Be mindful to not use the plight of one as gossip or even as an example for another.
  • Assist them right – Give them all the information that they need about the institute/ online tutor and their app. What makes it stand out, etc. such that they are sure that their comfort and education are given utmost importance. 
  • Explain parents as well – Sadly, many parents push their students to take up the course which they think is right. Hence counseling the parents too becomes vital. (And with online education platforms, the doubts could be higher)

Lastly, with the present digital shift, admission counseling too has taken a shift to e-platforms incase of both online and (most) offline institutes. However, this slight change doesn't make counseling any less important, but rather a tad bit more challenging to convince better. Hence, we suggest starting with a well-updated app to conduct virtual meetings in, and to be able to share data over. And with the reach being lesser for online classes, this can get difficult at times, but remember to take it as a challenge and up your digital marketing game too. 

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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