December 16, 2021

Tips to Grow Your Online Teaching Business


Tips to grow your Online Teaching Business

The spread of the pandemic led to the closure of educational institutions. And due to this, the educators, teachers, and instructors were moving their classes online. But, this was not an easy task, you have to learn new skills, and adapt to a completely new approach. However, a tip is that when you make use of a fun-focused online teaching game plan, you motivate your students to perform better.

With that in mind, let’s get you started on a few more online teaching tips and tricks that can help you grow your online teaching business -

  1. Making use of online learning tools
  2. Facilitate networking and open communication lines
  3. Always be active and present in the class
  4. Using visuals and audio
  5. Always remember to get feedback

1. Making Use of Online Learning Tools

For growing your online teaching business, it is very important that you are familiar with the learning tools. These tools are the perfect tip for remote teaching. There are many learning management systems that can help you divide your course into weekly modules and focus on each topic. These tools can enable you to make discussion forums and drop boxes for assignments, which in turn boosts the quality of your online teaching.

2. Facilitate Networking and Open Communication Lines

For making your online classes interesting and interactive, you must facilitate networking and communication among the students. For this, you can ask them to give introductions, and make use of icebreaker questions. One effective measure for this is creating a forum named “student lounge” where classmates communicate with each other regarding their college life, extracurriculars, internships, and other programmes. This is a key tip for improving online teaching.

3. Always be Active and Present in the class

If you are active and engaging well with your students, they tend to develop a sense of activity, hence you should always try to embrace a leadership position. Before each new module, it is important to reflect on previous discussions and outline the course for the coming week, so that the students remain engaged. Being active and present in your online classroom is the go-to online teaching tip for best outputs from your students. Your few words of motivation can go a long way for the students.

4. Develop the process for Peer Learning 

Peer learning is the interaction between classmates of the same standard that helps in facilitating better coordination. Online teaching goes hand in hand with peer learning. In fact, peer learning is one of the best practices of online teaching. When there are forum posts, you must point out and show students the conflicting views. These conversations can help in facilitating peer learning when the class students join on either side. 

5. Using Visuals and Audio

If you are a teacher who prefers online classes, another online teaching tip is that you must always be handy with visuals and audio. Today, slide shows, infographics, and power points act as the study material for online classes. In all these forms, always use audio and video recordings. These appeal to the students and can help you make learning a fun task. 

6. Always Remember to get Feedback 

Feedback are the real-time assessment of your teaching skills. One important online class tip for teachers is keeping a track of their performance. When you evaluate your teaching, you can find out what is working out and what’s not. This can have a huge impact on how you continue with your online classes. You should consider all the points that come up in the feedback process and inculcate them in your teaching methods so that your online classes keep levelling up. Taking up suggestions for online teaching classes benefits both the teacher and the student.


To inculcate all these online teaching tips and bring an improvement to your online teaching, you can use Winuall, an EdTech company that empowers educators to manage & grow their business digitally online with their own firm name of coaching. So if you often find yourself thinking, how can I grow my teaching business, here's the thing for you!

Winuall provides an All In One platform with a Mobile App for Teachers/ Coaching Institutes, where they can manage all their day-to-day activities digitally & help them in automating. Some of the key special features are mentioned below :

  • Live Video Lectures - Now teach online through online live classes with your own app, Students can interact in real-time and ask queries during the live lectures. 
  • Live Video Recording - Automated live class recording for student convenience.        
  • Store - Sell your valuable content like courses, study material, videos, books, etc to 70 lakh+ students & earn even more income.
  • Smart Attendance - Keep Parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.
  • Insightful Student Reports - Personalized Performance reports for all students.
  • Fee Records - Automatic reminders and receipts for instalments of students' due fees.
  • Parent Communication Module - Chat with parents, anytime, anywhere. Along with the option to disable chat when busy.
  • Data Security - Data secured using SSL AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Privacy Control - Control what your faculties and admin can view for our batches.
  • Class Management - Manage your institute completely digitally.
  • Online Courses - Helps the business grow 20X by setting up an online store and monetizing your Tests, Notes and Videos through your Application.

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