June 15, 2022

Top 5 Effective Study Methods


Studying can be hard at times, especially when you are trying to grab everything in the textbook in a short while. But the good news is that there are some really effective study methods that each one of us can acquire and make the process a lot more productive and enjoyable. 

If you often think about what study technique is the most effective? Then this one's for you, for we are sharing with you not one, but 5 best study techniques! 

What are 5 good study methods?

  1. Set the stage
  2. The SQ3R method
  3. Spaced Practice
  4. Feynman Technique
  5. Study less but study smart!

1. Set the stage 

Set the stage right

The initial-most step would always be to set things right for yourself. This is the prep you do before starting with your study session. It includes for you to find the right place for yourself which is clutter-free, and griddled with just the right amount of sunlight and ventilation. Furthermore, make sure that you have all your necessities around, like books, stationery, some brain foods like fruits, nuts and dry fruits etc. And lastly, keep all the distractions away.     

Remember that a good environment helps you concentrate and study better, making it a fruitful technique. 

2. The SQ3R method 

SQ3R study method

SQRRR is an acronym that stands for survey, question, read, recite and review. This is one of the most efficient study methods that one should incorporate and work on.  

  • Don’t read it all, rather survey and glimpse through the topic first 
  • Formulate questions on the basis of what you skimmed through 
  • Next, read the notes and answer your questions 
  • Once you have read it, summarize things in simpler words and recite it to yourself 
  • Quiz yourself and review how much you truly learned (you could always get quiz books or check the quiz modules present in online teaching apps too)

3. Spaced practice 

Once you have covered a topic and learned all about it don't consider it done and move on. Remember to keep getting back to it to revise and check how much of it you remember.

Revisit it after a day, 3-days, a week gap and so on, to revise and make sure that you haven't forgotten it. This study method of spaced practice will help engrain the topic in your mind strongly so that you wouldn't forget it for a long time. 

In such cases, online courses from the stores of online teaching apps come handy as you can keep getting back to it numerous times to revise.      

4. Feynman technique 

The Feynman technique is a simple learning technique that depicts that it's easier to learn when you simplify and explain it. “If you want to understand something well, try to explain it simply”. This helps, as not only do you simplify things when trying to explain/ teach, but you also get questions that you try to answer and fill gaps, thereby helping yourself learn and understand things better. 

This study method can be even more effective when you opt for group studies, as in such a setting you would try to explain things to one another and answer questions that arise in each one's mind. 

5. Study less but study smart!

Ever heard that the more hours you study, the better you learn?! Well, unlearn that concept immediately, for it's absolutely flawed. Rather, one should learn for only as long as they can hold their concentration. 

Take frequent breaks and don't sit for too long on one stretch, for surely you would zone-out after a while. Hence, learn in smaller chunks but try to understand and retain everything that you do learn. Inshort, study less, but be sure to study with greater intensity.   

And lastly, a few other important pointers to remember and implement are, to take good care of oneself. This includes taking timely breaks to simply take a walk, spend time with family or even just daydream. Apart from this good night's sleep of at least 6-8 hours, proper dietary habits, increased intake of brain foods, regular exercise to help boost your brain cells, and practicing habits like meditation to decrease your stress level are highly recommended.

And I would also recommend getting an online coaching software, as it would help you connect with your tutors or even your friends at any time. Furthermore, you can also find online courses and quizzes here, for your aid.

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