January 19, 2022

What is Game-Based Learning (GBL)?


What is Game based Learning?

Haven’t we all grown learning that all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy? And abiding by the same, the educational industry has resorted to teaching via more fun and engaging activities. Rather than sticking to the same old methods of focusing on academics, syllabus, and achievements in the form of grades. 

Fun concepts like game-based learning have made sure that teaching doesn’t have to be limited to pen, paper, and chalkboard. One can now teach and learn beyond the dimensions of the four walls.

What is Game-Based Learning?

Introduction to GBL

Game-Based Learning or GBL can be explained as a process wherein games are used to enhance learning experiences. In other words, gaining learning experiences, and incorporating educational activities with a game framework. Alongwith adding a fun factor the technique inculcates and promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and teamwork in the students. 

While the students think they are just playing games and having fun they infact learn via repetition, failure, and the accomplishment of goals.

What is the difference between Game-Based Learning and Gamification?

The process of gamification can most simply be explained as the addition of games or game-like elements, principles, or mechanisms in non-gaming settings, like websites, online communities, etc. This will encourage participation and engagement, thereby motivating them to achieve their goals. 

Only a thin line differentiates the two. And while there are elements of gamification present in GBL, the latter is an action, the result of which is learning, while the former is incorporated around teaching. An example of gamification would be quizzes (though in the present day it has become more of a testing element rather than fun, making students dislike the idea).

Why do teachers use game-based learning?    

Benefits of game-based learning
  •   Boosts self-confidence
  •   Better conceptual learning 
  •   Better analytic skills
  •   Encourages team-work
  •  Enhances real-world skills – as it promotes ‘learning by doing’ giving a better understanding of real-world applications. 
  •  Studies show that GBL improves retention of learned concepts by 90%
  •  Generates more completed skills  

GBL in Online Classes  

Game-based teaching in classrooms has been a huge success and a great source of motivation and engagement for quite some time now. And it isn’t just outdoor games like football or cricket, but simple indoor games like pictionary, dumb charades, etc. too make a difference.    

And while online classes can’t have real-life outdoor games, they too can entail games in their teaching processes. With the online classes becoming the new, and the new generation becoming increasingly tech-savvy and choosing anything online over otherwise, this shift is here to stay. Hence, learning newer ways is indeed the need of the hour. 

What are some examples of Game-based Learning?

Here’s a list of a few virtual games that you could use for your online game-based learning:

  • Virtual Pictionary – you can make groups, share screens, and still play this game virtually.
  • Virtual Trivia – add the questions, and the team that answers most of them quickly and correctly wins! And it’s a wonderful way to check their knowledge too. 
  • Virtual Musical Chair – play music on the group and the students are to stand at a distance from their chairs and dance, and once the music halts, the last one to sit loses.
  • Alphabet Chain – choose a topic and they have to say a word relating to it and the next one says something within the category but from the last word of the previous one's word.
  • Would you Rather – Questions like would you rather live without gravity or laws of motion, would you rather experience the revolutionary or the civil war, etc. This will make things fun and engaging, and also help you understand their mindsets and psychology.
  • Virtual Field Trip – we all miss traveling, don’t we?! And while we can’t actually go on a physical trip why not atleast go on a virtual one? Sure it won’t be as fun but it will definitely be more fun than the mundane class. 
Example of game-bsaed learning


Apart from all the other benefits highlighted, this tool helps one learn via failures too. Which sure is one of the most positive aspects to incorporate and live by. And lastly, games allow one to try new things, and who doesn’t like learning via experimentation, trial and error, right?!  

And an online coaching software like Winuall makes this possible with the interactive sessions that they allow the coaches to conduct with their students. Apart from also making adding recorded sessions, and making assessments and fee collections easier. Hence, simplifying an instructor's job and giving them more opportunities to experiment and try newer teaching techniques. 

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