April 26, 2022

What Is Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Styles?

The visual-auditory-kinesthetic learning style model, often abbreviated to VAK, provides a simple way to explain and understand a person’s dominant or preferred learning style.

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Styles

Everyone is different, with different skills and abilities. And each of these varied learners has different learning styles too. A style/ method which would work best for them, such that it helps them understand more and remember for longer. In other words, a way in which the person absorbs and learns the best, is their learning style. And while there are quite a few ways, these methods are most widely divided into visual-auditory-kinesthetic learning styles. That is, learning through one of these sense channels.  

visual-auditory-kinesthetic learning styles

What is visual auditory kinesthetic learning?

The visual-auditory-kinesthetic learning style model, often abbreviated to VAK, provides a simple way to explain and understand a person’s dominant or preferred learning style.

  1. Visual learners – are learners who absorb information by sight. They think in pictures and learn best when they see them, that is, via a visual display. Seeing a teacher, facial expressions, and body language,  play an important factor for them. 
  1. Auditory learners – these learners absorb information by sound, that is, via what is heard and said. Information best comes to them through their ears. Presentations, speeches, audiobooks, and group discussions work best for them.  
  1. Kinesthetic learners – these learners absorb information by moving, they have to do it to learn it. Hands-on experiences work best for them. Emotions, actions, movements, taste, smell, and what can be felt by them are things that teach them the most. They learn with experiences, experiments, field trips, etc.
visual-auditory-kinesthetic learning styles

How does knowing my learning style help me?

As we have already discussed, each one has a unique way in which they possess and retain information and skills. And to know what style works best for you, would act as a great boon as naturally, it will help you learn better.

One of the best ways to find out what your style is by experimentation. Keep exploring and modifying to know what works best for you and then stick to it.

Here are a few characteristics that can help better:

Visual learners:

  • Prefer reading and writing rather than listening
  • Have trouble remembering verbal instructions
  • Prefer maps over verbal directions
  • They jot down information in order to remember it

Auditory learners:

  • Prefer following verbal instruction rather than written
  • Enjoy group work and discussions
  • Find it difficult to work in silence for long
  • Read with whispering lips

Kinesthetic learners:  

  • Feel the need to move, tap, swing, or bound a leg to stay focused
  • Are most benefited from in-class demonstrations, experiences, and fieldwork
  • Often need frequent breaks while studying
  • They learn spelling by finger-spelling the words.
  • Often take notes or draw pictures or doodle while listening.

How does VAK help learners?

The identification of this learning style has helped both teachers and learners understand that each one has a different way of learning, and not all students are the same. Hence, teaching institutions have now incorporated different techniques, like lab classes, live experimentation, PPTs, whiteboards, e-books, group discussions, etc., to tend to each student. Ultimately, benefiting the learners to learn better.

And e-platforms are a good source for this for you can choose your own tutor and online coaching app. Winuall is one such online teaching app in India that gives you a wide choice of tutors and multiple features like live classes, a content store for the addition of videos, books, etc.

And while visual and auditory learners can benefit from live classes, one-on-one sessions, and the addition of e-books/ audiobooks, etc., this online coaching app helps kinesthetic learners by providing them with a wide range of tutors, including those who encourage experimentation. Thus, helping you learn in ways that are best suited for you!

So which category do you think you fit in? Do work on finding out and benefiting yourself!  

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