April 11, 2022

What’s new with Content Library?


Every school, college, and institute has a library, which is a haven for educative books, research notes, etc. These libraries are vital, as study material to go back to and learn from, to revise, and keep your knowledge and information updated is salient. And similar to these physical libraries, the online teaching app, Winuall too has an online Content Library. Thus, as an online tutor, you can help your students learn and engage with study material better by uploading e-books and recorded sessions in these content libraries and making them accessible for students.

And now, this content library of yours has become even friendlier, with enhanced features. Keep reading to know of the top features.

Updates in the content library of your online teaching app

  1. Well-structured display
  2. Self-hosted videos
  3. Share links with a click
  4. Edit anything, anytime!
  5. Search and manage with ease

1. Well-structured display

The display page has been updated to be a well-organized content summary page. Now the page displays batch-wise details of the number of videos, documents, and links uploaded by you. 

Furthermore, you can simply tap on the Add video/ document/ link/ question, option from the right corner and upload whatever you want to, to as many batches!

content library display

2. Self-hosted Videos on your online teaching app!

Teaching via videos makes it a more engaging experience for your students. And now you can not only add YouTube videos but your own videos too.

Follow these simple steps to know how to add videos:

  • Go to Content > click on Add videos
Add videos for your online classes
  • Select the Batch, Folder, and Sub-folder from the dropdown.
  • Now you can upload a recorded video from your device by selecting the Upload Video option. 
  • Add the title, and description, along with the video
Add videos to your online teaching app

3. Share links with a click 

Are there any educative links that you want your students to read or watch? You can now easily share it by just copy-pasting the link of whatever blog/ article or video you liked. 

Tap on add link > copy-paste a link > add a title and choose a batch from the dropdown that you want to assign it to.  

share links via your online teaching app

4. Edit anything, anytime!

From the content summary, tap on the displayed record no. of documents, links, or videos added for any particular batch and click on the icon next to the details of each link/ document/ video added, to make changes.

You can: 

  • Move the added data to other batch/batches
  • Copy the link and replicate it to any of the batch/ batches
  • Edit what's added by changing the title or adding more batches, etc
  • Delete what’s not needed anymore
easy editing

5. Search and manage with ease  

Along with adding the details and data, and editing it with ease, you can also search batch-wise information via the search dialog box. Moreover, you can keep a tab on the storage available at all times to manage things better. And you could also buy more storage anytime if needed!    

You can explore and test all these and more right now by heading to your personal branded online teaching app! Or perhaps get in touch with our team to get a website and app created for yourself.

Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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