December 7, 2022

Why Digital Marketing is a high-demand job!


Why Digital Marketing is a high demand job?

The year was 1994 and two students from Stanford University built a directory of websites that helped everyone with an internet connection to access the internet in a better way. Everyone wanted their websites to be found and started listing them in this directory. With the birth of Google in 1998, the internet saw a paradigm shift. As the list of websites grew manifold, now browsing through lists was not enough and Google created a search engine to help internet users. Making your website visible on these search engines required some work but Digital Marketing as a career got a big leap with the introduction of Myspace and Facebook. Digital Marketing then became a serious career option and thus web 2.0 saw its adolescence.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, Digital Marketing is marketing went digital i.e., the entire process of making your business grow with the help of internet by creating awareness, generating traffic and driving sales online.

Digital marketing includes,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Advertising on platforms like Meta and Google
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • App Search Optimization (ASO)

Why Digital Marketing is a high-demand job?

Let’s assume the year is 1950 and you have recently launched an apparel brand, where do you want to promote your brand? Near the colleges where most young people hangout or near a market where people go to buy daily commodities. Of course, you will promote your brand near a college. Basically you will look for a place where most of your target audience show up or spend their time.

The year is 2022 now and around 63.5% of total world population is on internet. What would be a better place to promote your brand than the internet?! Since so many people are there are on internet, there are more and more brands promoting their businesses on the internet. To take care of all those marketing effects, the world needs more marketers hence, it has become a high-paying job.

But, why is it a high-paying job?

Now, another question may arise, why is Digital Marketing such a high paying job?

To answer this, let’s go to 2000’s. The Google search engine was in its adolescence and to rank higher on Google, all you need to do was to include the keywords (the words which are included in people’s searches) on your website. More times a particular keyword has been used, better are the chances of ranking higher.

Now, again back to 2022. The Google search engine is now much more sophisticated. Keyword stuffing doesn’t help anymore, it may actually harm the chances of ranking higher. Now, there are more than 200 factors that affect your chances of ranking better

Can you see how complicated a job it has become and how much of learning, practicing and experimenting does to require to work on SEO. As this is much more of a science than a hack now, the pay scale has shot up like anything.

This is what makes a high paying job!

Bonus: How to become a Digital Marketer?

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Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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