September 12, 2022

Top 10 Podcasts Every Teacher Needs To Listen To!

One can listen to podcasts wherever and whenever, while they go about their everyday task. And it would help keep them entertained and/or help you learn something new from others who share your passion.

Podcasts every teacher needs to listen to

What is a podcast and how does it work?

A podcast is a collection of digital audio files that is available for downloading or listening to via the internet. Each of these audio is known as a podcast episode. These podcasts are typically hosted by an individual or perhaps a group of individuals, who lead a conversation, share stories or memories, report news or motivational thoughts.     

How do podcasts for teachers help?

As a teacher you surely have your plates full, being there for your students day after day, supporting them and along with that trying to upgrade yourself and your techniques isn’t easy-feet. And that is one major reason why one should seek help whenever need be, or simply whenever they can.  

And these podcasts for teachers are increasing significantly as most people find them very easy and convenient. One may or may not have the time to watch a video, go through a course or read a book, but with podcasts, one of the merits is that you can listen to them on the go, while you do any of your other tasks.   

And some of the skills that podcasts for teachers can benefit you with are:

  • It enhances listening skills, which would help you be more of a vigilant listener to your students.
  • You can learn new concepts and skills and upgrade yourself. And then help your students by teaching them the same.
  • Learn newer teaching strategies and innovative ideas to manage your class and students better.    

Some podcasts to listen to are:

  1. 10-minute teacher 

Speaker: Vicki Davis

As the name suggests this is a 10-minute per episode podcast where-in a teacher interviews other experienced educators. This podcast for teachers and by teachers will inspire you, help you with some strategies, guide you, or perhaps simply make you realize that things aren’t that hard after all. 

  1. The creative classroom

Speaker: John Spencer 

This is a podcast by a top-rated former educator who is currently a teacher development resource person and a motivational speaker. In this podcast, you can listen to his insights on how to integrate creativity, project-based learning, and design-thinking in the classroom.   

  1. Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo

Speaker: Larry Ferlazzo

Game-based learning is both effective and fun, but if not done right it can become a waste of time pretty soon. Hence, in this 10minute podcast, Larry (an award-winning English and Social science teacher, author and editor) chats with 3 veteran educators and discusses the best games for learning. 

  1. Teach on, teach strong

Speaker: Katie

Your physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance if you wish to be the best teacher for your students. And this personal development podcast will help you with emotional and mental support.

  1. School psyched! 

Speaker: Rachael, Rebecca and Eric

Wouldn’t you like it if you knew just what your students are thinking? And if you could get a better idea of their mindset. This podcast helps with just that, as it is all about student psychology. And would thus, help you be more empathetic in your class.  

  1. Teaching Keating 

Speaker: Weston and Molly Kieschnick 

Are you a teacher who loves movies? If yes, then this is the podcast to listen to for you. In these podcasts, these husband-wife teacher duo use iconic teaching moments from movies and television and illustrate teaching practices.  

  1. Truth for Teachers

Speaker: Angela Watson 

This podcast is packed with useful tips and motivational thoughts to help teachers get through and push themselves to keep going forward. Doesn’t every teacher need that from time to time? To hear how to keep going when you find yourself at a low.

  1. Class dismissed 

By: Fulcrum Education Solutions

A light-hearted podcast to listen to that shares with you the latest news related to the education field that affects the teachers. It would leave teachers with information and inspiration about the current trends. Furthermore, they also share some inspirational stories concerning teaching experiences.  

  1. House of #edtech 

Speaker: Christopher J. Nesi 

Technology has become an integral part of everything in the present day, and that includes education too. This podcast shares with you information about the most useful educational technologies, tools, and tips to confidently and effectively integrate them into your classrooms.

  1. The e-learning guys 

Speaker: Nejc Žorga Dulmin & David Charney

Undeniably, in recent times we have been forced to re-examine how we teach and include newer ways to reach students. In simpler words e-learning has become an integral part of our lives. And e-Learning Guys are passionate about education, multimedia, creativity and problem-solving in this new sector.

However, a podcast isn’t enough, one requires to have a good online teaching platform, to conduct a seamless class for your students.  

Syeda Ruqayyah Banu
Marketing Executive, Winuall

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